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Want URL for news story about PB coverage before $1.3B drawing

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July 25, 2012
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Posted: February 10, 2016, 2:54 pm - IP Logged

During the media frenzie before the $1.3B ($1.5B?) Powerball drawing, there was an online article from a credible news agency (I believe) that documented the percentage of the 292,201,338 Powerball combinations that were purchased for each of the preceding drawings since the previous jackpot win.

Does anyone have the URL for that article, if it's still online?  If it's not, did anyone keep a copy of it, and is there some way that I can see it?

I am not interested in a discussion; just the factual data.  TIA.

I tried Google searches and searching this forum's Lottery News area, to no avail.  But my search skills might not be good enough.

I tried contacting my state's lottery.  They referred me to their dept for public records requests.  That would likely cost money.  Honestly, I don't want the information that badly.  Besides, I don't want to pay for something that is (was) already in the public domain.