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Newbie! Confused Lotto Player (WV, VA)

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February 24, 2016
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Posted: March 6, 2016, 9:58 pm - IP Logged

I've ready many books on pick 3, tried different systems and the formula doesn't work for VA or WV. The mirror numbers don't always work either 0=5 1=6 2=7 3=8 4=9 Example: 

732 Mid Day 3/2/16.  Using this system you would do the following: 27=53, 53=27, 74= 88, 34=90, 56=70, 88=74

So Using 732 you switch the 27 to 53. The next day 562 comes out 3/3/16 







365 Close no cigar


I can't even figure out WV, but can sort of follow VA. Does anyone have a good system they recommend for beginners that's simple to follow/understand?


Thanks :)


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    Posted: March 7, 2016, 7:42 am - IP Logged

    justnumbers welcome to LP.

     I think there are as many "systems" as there are players.  We may all see the same facts (draws) but how we interpret the information varies.   at one extreme is the "its random" thinkers and nothing we do will make any difference at the other end are the players who think if they can get their system complex enough so no one can understand it they can claim a win every day. 

      the biggest money making system I have ever seen , and I don't remember where, set a daily playing budget. use whatever system to come up with your numbers to play.  put the money in a jar and on paper keep track of your wins and losses.  if after a year you are ahead on paper use the money you saved to play . when you run out start over.

    I enjoy trying to beat the lottery. I am under no illusion that I have much chance to succeed. 

    under resources  look for posts by say califdude or robert perkins or mazktouch.  as you read those write down names of other contributors to look at,  or search by topic.  there is more info here than you will find in books.  in the end decide how you want to proceed .  good luck