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Lottery Bible for pairs..

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Posted: April 15, 2016, 4:34 am - IP Logged

I read Harvest Moon asking on a post how do You use the lottery Bible? so i will share how i find Many pairs Many times ive gone back as far as 1990 it works that far back. I saw another method this isnt the same. You have to be somewhat familiar with the lottery Bible. Theres a lot of good info on here.

So...take last nites winning number and do its six way rundown and stack those on top of each other now look at the LB for the four numbers after each one and Neatly write them down so they line up. you will have your original six ex 034 043 304 340 403 430. you will have four stacks after those six.Make sure you

break down the original 6 into pairs lotta times they show up.Now the Four stacks...look at each one going down...ive used other systems and this "Stacking" works the same in a lot of them! Im looking for what i call "Clumps" ex if you look top to bottom and see say 8887 or a 2223 or 7778 or any like that in a stack,

or "Clumped together you often find these show up as pairs A LOT sometimes as the three number as well but i find pairs easier. As i said i see these same stacks in other systems too and it seems to be a pattern that keeps happening very often. usually it works for 7 to ten days...i take the Sunday nite number and get pairs for the week ahead, i find a LOT! So i hope this will help someone...im sure these stacks are familiar to a lot of members if any one has a good method for them i would like to hear.