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Advanced Lotto Tool

Topic closed. 32 replies. Last post 2 years ago by MonEl.

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Posted: June 25, 2016, 9:00 pm - IP Logged

VAT is not an excuse. You cash it from your clients and pay it to the state. When the product costs 100 then the price with VAT would be 121 here. 21 euros aren't their money but the state's money. If VAT is a problem, then they are likely not to be legal.

I wrote some code to reduce lines from a selection. It is not world record reduction but it respects the settings.

VAT requires the online customer be tracked to their physical state location so the tax can be paid to that state.


This isn't like Florida where the state requires sweepstakes hosts prove they can pay the prize, this is a punitive burden placed on small business and invades their customer's privacy.  This company has been in business long before this tax, saying they are "likely not to be legal" is a little harsh without checking it out further.


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    March 26, 2016
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    Posted: June 27, 2016, 2:11 pm - IP Logged

    Cheating on VAT is a common sport. Welcome to Europe!

    When businesses buy, they are never anonymous.

    When I buy tickets online, I am not anonymous.

    The trend goes to not being anonymous.
    Maybe you are using money from drugs business.


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      Posted: July 16, 2016, 7:35 pm - IP Logged

      I just took a look at the stats on Advanced Lotto Tool and I am not very happy with them.

      The kind of stats shown on Lotto Hat which is a similar filtered wheeler are much better.

      I have an older version of Lotto Hat these are the filters that it has on it:

      Even-Odd same as on Advanced Lotto Tool

      Low-High same as on ALT

      Sum of Numbers Maybe same as on ALT (?)

      Width of Line Maybe same as on ALT (?)

      Consecutive Maybe same as on ALT (?)

      Last Draw Maybe same sa on ALT (?)

      Past Draws Maybe same as on ALT (?)

      Hot-Cold Only on Lotto Hat.

      Bankers Maybe same as on ALT(?)

      First Digit  Maybe same as on ALT (?)

      Last Digit Maybe same as on ALT (?)

      Numbers groups and Numbers Pairs Only on Advanced Lotto Tool and not on my old version of Lotto Hat.

      So I have more filters on Advanced Lotto Tool than on my old version of Lotto Hat or about the same as the Hot-Cold filter is only on Lotto Hat.

      But the filters stats are much better on the Lotto Hat software than on Advanced Lotto Tool.

      As to the help files, maybe they are about as good or about the same on both programs once they are both in English.

      But Lotto Hat has a "Research" option, but I didn't find any instructions in how to use it so I have no idea how to use that option, anyhow, I don't think that it would help me even if I knew how to use it.

      Probably I can use my own filters techniques, but filters might not work or work as well as just learning how to chose (pick) the right jackpot numbers to wheel.

      Maybe the most important stats would be those that have to do with the numbers themselves and neither Lotto Hat nor Advanced Lotto Tool provide much of what is need on stats and also on filters, but either or both of them are much better than having nothing at all.


      In the few weeks to come next, if I can and have the time for that, I might take a better look at both of those programs.