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N.Y. States Lottery Scratch off that still have money left over, too much to say!

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Posted: August 1, 2016, 10:52 pm - IP Logged

There are still some scratch of games ranging from 5$ to 30$ that still have allot of money left over to the public. The only way to to win those leftover money is to play those game from top to bottom. But there is no way for us to play because those tickets are remove from the retailer either by returning the game or lottery taken them back. There might be some or a few that are still out there but where? I literally have searched over 1k stores by foot and have not found any of these stores that have games that still have left over money. Parts of Queens, Most of Brooklyn(75%), Parts of Staten Island and few in Manhattan. Some of these places near neighborhood that have theft or crime probably will reduces in selling high value tickets. But we cannot rule out any of those neighborhood or location. You really can tell when you walk in to any of those stores like Pharmacy, Liquor stores and such to have glass pane segregating you and the products.

Scratch of yet to expire and still have money left over allot to say are 777 Jackpot, 1 top and 1 5k, Win for life 30$ about to expire in 1 week have 1 top and 7 50k, Royal Riches, 1 top and 19 5k, Wheel of Fortune(1 Million dollar), 1 top and 41 2k, and Frosty Cash with 2 top prize of 500k. You can count a measly Cashword Doubler with the yellow coloring. These games are not about to expire in 1-2 weeks except 30$ life. So does the lottery have the rest of this? How in the world are these still 19-41 2nd prizes left over? That is way too much to say. Are they holding them back to prevent us from gaining those profits to their lost in revenue? Why are there so many new releases of scratch of one after another in the past 3 weeks? None of the new 5$ contain at least 777k, so why are they cutting back on the jackpot and increasing the odds of hitting? How will this effect us? They have the advantage now even if the tickets are not destroyed. When something good is bound to happen, another bad is bound to come. If you change the way they destroy tickets, then something else has to change to negate that negativity and what can be done to do that is to drop the jackpot prize and increase the odd of hitting big amounts on a ticket. I mean how can the Gold Castle Ticket be 250k that is the worst 5$ ticket compare to 5$ cashword!

So did anyone find any of those tickets I mention and how far will you go to see if any retailer still holds them. I know one retailer has 20 tickets of 777 jackpot but recently when I return, they told me they have sent it back to Lottery. I mean you have retailer that don't know anything and other who doesn't care, they just sell those tickets. But that is a chance if you find any of those tickets and decide to buy them, because who knows if lottery has the big amounts leaving those retailer will nonetheless losers whom we would buy.

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    Posted: August 2, 2016, 7:41 am - IP Logged

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