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20$ NY scratchers BIGGEST rip off!

Topic closed. 8 replies. Last post 8 months ago by ilya5000.

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September 22, 2016
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Posted: September 22, 2016, 10:02 pm - IP Logged

After playing for years its very clear and i saved the scratchers to prove everything. NY lotto claims a 3.2 chances of winning on the particular 10k a week for life game 1237. This is a BLATANT lie i had a check come threw i didnt expect and had decided to put half to playing lotto 1 game to test the odds. I purchased around 2,000-3000 tickets and have some come to some interesting facts. I have had 12 losing tickets in a row with 5-8 losers in a row actually being VERY common, the usual pattern i have seen is 3-4 losers in a row followed by 1 20$ money back winner and a 30-40$ winner followed by 4-5 more losers and the cycle repeats with a 100$ winner about ONCE per WHOLE ROLL, i bought 3 rolls during this time the first roll i only got back 320$ out of 1000$ the next was 290 and last was 280$ back on 1,000$ roll. There seems to only be 8-11 winners per roll with the VAST majority 20-40$ winners. I kept all the scratchers as proof to anyone who is thinking about playing i would really urge you to THINK about it!! You are putting 20$ down to at best get a 40$ winner and even then your odds are not 3.2 but about 4.5-5.0. I have even spent HOURS at a local hallmark that is a mini casino with tables of about dozen or more people non stop scratching all their money away and noticed the store is literally full of plastered 500-1000$ winners i made good friends with the clerks and asked how ofter they see a 500 or above winner in a store that sells 6-10 THOUSAND DOLLARS of these tickets a DAY and he said ONCE A WEEK!!! That means for every 40,000-50,000$ spent at the store only 1 winner of 500 to 1000! He did say he remembered one week with 2 500 and 1 thousand dollar winner as the stores BEST WEEK!! This is just robbery and fraud claiming chances of winning at 3.2 but in reality making it 5.0 there is no way if it is random to have 12 losers in a row that is like saying you can flip a coin 12 times and get heads every time go ahead you can flip all day and wont get past 10...

In conclusion the REAL return rate in NY on game 1237 is about 30 CENTS TO DOLLAR i suspected so but was never sure and the thought was bugging me so much i had to pull the trigger and see the truth for myself. Also check this out in ISLANDIA NY 2 jackpots won a MONTH APART one 5,000000 and one 3,000000$ with a population UNDER 3,000!!! The chances of that given the fact that most tickets go to NYC as there are scratcher junkies in every store scratching there money away in a hurry! If anyone looks where the jackpot tickets get sold they will notice its almost ALWAYS at some small town no one even knew existed! Probably because there are people on the inside who send these tickets there to make sure there family or friends wont have a hard time finding the winner think about it what the odds would be of 2 jackpot scratchers getting sent to islandia within a period of 30-40 days!! Thats like getting hit by a car and lighting at the same time it just doesnt add up... I am sure there will be tons of replies of players that consistently play the 20$ scratchers and know the real odds are 5.0 if not worse!

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    Posted: October 14, 2016, 9:04 pm - IP Logged

    Wow Dead


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      Posted: October 14, 2016, 9:50 pm - IP Logged

      You bought 3,000 $20 scratch off tickets? Wow. I thought I used to be bad. I guess not. Listen, I could have told you that, meaning what you said. That's all obvious information. The reason people play scratchers and not numbers is because they at least get something back. People are for the most part happy with that. And if they get an extra $20 or $50, they're satisfied for the most part.

       However, back to what you said. First off wow, I wish I had that much to play with. I'd make a killing on scratchers. Anyways, I have heard that every 3 tickets starting from #1 have a better chance. Although not all the time. And I have heard from a worker, catch my drift, that the vending machines in NY, are much better to win more money with the $20 ones, than the tickets in the stores.

      Take it for what it is. It's still the same thinking in the end. 

      Wow, I still can't believe it. That's a lot. A store near me once sold a $5,000,000 $20 scratcher once. That store has since closed though. Stores around me always have jackpot winners. I used to have 'fleas' and scratch. I hit the jackpot on 'Happy Birthday' and 'Hit $200' lol..Sorry for your disappointment,  I've been there .

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        February 7, 2016
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        Posted: October 14, 2016, 9:59 pm - IP Logged

        Wow, I've heard the NY lotto is bad. I didn't think NY lottery was this bad. That's extremely upsetting. I grew up in NYC, and the idea of a small town in NY receiving two jackpots within a short span of time considering the overwhelming majority of retailers are in NYC seems awfully suspicious...if we give them a benefit of a doubt, it might be a serious distribution flaw within their distribution process. 

        FL Lottery can be comparably bad. I've encountered TWELVE losers in a row on a $20 ticket here in Florida, yes...TWELVE. The infamous Lucky $200k/yr for Life ticket...

        Additionally, our $600 rolls offer a minimum payout of $245. These $20 tickets tend to payout just that. A good roll might return $400. If you're breaking even, it means you're either finding multiple $100 winners in a roll or a bigger win such as $500+. 

        That's absolutely criminal. I do agree with the post above that people play scratchers with the intention of getting some money back, and more probable chances at hitting a life changing amount of money. In my opinion, even buying a $20 - $25 scratcher occasionally probably returns far more money than draw games in a long-run. 


        It sounds like the $20 tickets in NY might be worse than our $1/$2 tickets. Even $1 tickets can sometimes have multiple $20 winners in a roll, offering a return comparable to 40 cents back per dollar.

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          September 22, 2016
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          Posted: October 22, 2016, 12:16 am - IP Logged

          Yup islandia with a population of 3 thousand hits a 3mil and 5mil scratcher top prizes within 40 day span while nyc hasnt seen a jackpot winner in MONTHS NOW... very very VERY suspicious


          Also the new 25$ cash blowout game is CRIMINAL the measly 500$ prize chance to win is 1,648.00 that is straight up CRIMINAL... the next prize 2,500 which is ok but not that good figure 2000 after tax... not even a rent payment for most nyc people and those odds are 13,010.53 the 5k prize that is a decent win in my mind but not really that good once again 4k after tax isnt going to even buy you a hooptie! the odds are 41,200.00 so hitting that would be quite hard. And next up is 10k at odds of 82,400.00 so basically you got more of a chance to get hit by a car twice in one year... and the next 20k prize is 1 in 245,000 so you got the same chance as getting hit by lightning as winning plus the top prize odds suck also 4.5 million should be like the 100x game 1 in 3mil.. NY LOTTO is getting greedy by the day.....with those odds its obvious the only "blowout" one will experience with this game is a wallet blowout and not in the good sense!! Best bet is to just play one card a week sure you 99.99999999999999% wont win but atleast you wont be out thousands of dollars at the end although if you got the money just lying around and you are as bored as me...... maybe one day i will stumble on a lucky ticket who knows right?

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            October 28, 2016
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            Posted: October 28, 2016, 12:56 pm - IP Logged

            Was playing the $20 Wild Bonanza Multiplier yesterday.... 7 losers in a row... 8th one was a $40 win. 


            These tickets suck.

              Skippack, PA
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              February 21, 2013
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              Posted: October 28, 2016, 4:06 pm - IP Logged

              I'm sorry you've had such terrible luck with your games.

              In case you or anyone else who plays NY scratch off games wants to continue playing here is our analysis for ALL scratch off games in NY for currently active games according to the NY Lottery.

              We analyze all the the games and rank them based on the proportion of Top Prizes remaining vs the total tickets sold.  This analysis, you won't find anywhere buy from ScratchSmarter.

              The HIGHER our Smart Factor calculation, the better the chances are of winning a top prize.  If the Smart Factor is below a 1.0, don't bother playing the game;


              YOU WILL HAVE TROUBLE FINDING THE TOP RANKED GAMES- RETAILERS WILL TELL YOU THEY ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE - this simply means they are NO LONGER available at their store.  If you can find the top games, you should play them!

              This Ranking is based on the data published as of 10/28/2016

              NY1$5.00 Games$1,000,000 Frenzy12153.013
              NY2$5.00 GamesQueen of Green12301.99
              NY3$5.00 Games777 Jackpot11571.91
              NY4$5.00 GamesIce Bank11861.476
              NY5$3.00 GamesWords With Friends11871.462
              NY6$10.00 GamesFrosty Cash12231.349
              NY7$1.00 GamesCool 9's12401.149
              NY8$2.00 Games7/11/202111991.107
              NY9$3.00 Games40X Your Money11681.092
              NY10$2.00 GamesMoney Drop Multiplier11981.075
              NY11$5.00 GamesHoliday Treasures12241.068
              NY12$3.00 GamesTripling Cashword12061.017
              NY13$5.00 GamesSuper $777,77712430.994
              NY14$20.00 GamesCash X10012000.965
              NY15$2.00 Games10X The Luck12340.902
              NY16$1.00 GamesTriple Tripler12350.869
              NY17$10.00 GamesSET FOR LIFE850, 12120.837
              NY18$3.00 GamesBlock - O ®12330.832
              NY19$2.00 GamesIt's A Wonderful Life12250.806
              NY20$1.00 GamesBaa Humbucks12260.788
              NY21$5.00 GamesWheel of Fortune - Orange12380.785
              NY22$25.00 GamesNew York Millions12290.784
              NY23$20.00 Games$10,000 A Week for Life12370.745
              NY24$1.00 GamesInstant Take 5831, 11030.716
              NY25$3.00 GamesFrogger ®12440.709
              NY26$2.00 GamesInstant $5012390.69
              NY27$2.00 GamesBlackout Bingo11410.675
              NY28$3.00 GamesCrossway Cash12530.673
              NY29$2.00 GamesCashword1120, 12280.665
              NY30$5.00 GamesMonopoly Millionaire's Club11910.664
              NY31$2.00 GamesBingo Doubler808, 11400.647
              NY32$2.00 GamesLUCKY STARS11950.633
              NY33$10.00 Games$1,000,000 CASHWORD615, 12410.626
              NY34$2.00 GamesWild 10s12490.619
              NY35$2.00 GamesWin For Life728, 11240.612
              NY36$10.00 Games$3,000,000 Frenzy12140.61
              NY37$20.00 GamesWild Bonanza Multiplier12470.61
              NY38$1.00 GamesCash X1012030.607
              NY39$2.00 GamesMoney Multiplier12450.607
              NY40$20.00 GamesLucky 7's Playbook11920.605
              NY41$1.00 GamesLOOSE CHANGE803, 11110.602
              NY42$1.00 GamesWild Wins12500.602
              NY43$1.00 Games7/11/202112540.596
              NY44$1.00 GamesWILD CASH12480.594
              NY45$10.00 Games$25, $50 OR $100!12420.592
              NY46$5.00 GamesDouble Triple Cashword821, 12360.588
              NY47$5.00 Games$2,500 A WEEK FOR LIFE12460.584
              NY48$5.00 GamesWHEEL OF FORTUNE11970.579
              NY49$1.00 GamesLucky 7's822, 11010.573
              NY50$2.00 GamesCashword Doubler1100, 12180.572
              NY51$3.00 GamesCashword Connect1227, 12310.568
              NY52$10.00 GamesQuick $60012080.56
              NY53$1.00 GamesSpicy 1's12550.56
              NY54$2.00 GamesFind the 8's12210.557
              NY55$1.00 GamesTriple Black Cherry12110.535
              NY56$3.00 GamesUNO12200.519
              NY57$10.00 GamesBonus Rainbow Bingo12040.516
              NY58$2.00 GamesInstant Frenzy12160.514
              NY59$5.00 GamesMoney Vault12520.499
              NY60$5.00 GamesJackpot Party ®12320.462
              NY61$5.00 GamesGold Castle12510.449
              NY62$2.00 GamesI♥NY®12100.432
              NY63$2.00 GamesRed Hot & Blue 7's12070.406
              NY64$2.00 GamesWhole Lotta $100s12130.392
              NY65$5.00 GamesNew York Poker714, 11300.306
              NY66$1.00 GamesFast Cash12220.227


              With this analysis, I wish you the VERY BEST OF LUCK!

              Please Post Pics of any winners!

              Learn to ScratchSmarter

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                Posted: November 1, 2016, 4:48 am - IP Logged

                Hello from CA


                I have never purchased an entire roll.

                The closest I have come is the time I kept pressing a roll of $20 Ultimate Riches AND $20 Million Match (Ticket-by-ticket; same time, same store) and to my shock, went through about 90% of each roll without anymore than a 50 dollar winner and a handful of tickets (and a few in-between prizes). These rolls contain 30 tickets and cost 600 dollars...


                The best I have ever done playing scratchers (In a 24-hour period) was when I spent about 80 bucks and hit a 500 dollar prize on a $10 game. I returned to the same store later in the day, and without spending any money from the time of the last $500 winner, I bought a $30 scratcher and did it again. I then proceeded to lose 3,000 dollars over the next few days without a winner bigger than $100. That totally eclipsed my positive experience on that day which I regard as my best turnout ever.

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                  October 28, 2016
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                  Posted: November 1, 2016, 4:35 pm - IP Logged

                  <snip> that sucks man

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