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Wouldn't you just Like a Number?

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Posted: November 23, 2016, 2:54 pm - IP Logged

Thank you is like a bearer instrument LOL  Green laugh  Green laugh

 ..if the receiver of a favor, such

as a number to play or a ticket to buy say, for instants, takes a posters 

advice and goes with the suggestion...is it necessary to say thank you?

It would be nice but it certainly isn't required. Most people have the courtesy

of giving thanks inbred...some others, well, that's just not what they do. So...so

what? Why can't a winner just be happy winning? 

Payoff in thank you's and praises only make the receiver feel good, better, best! No No

'Best'er' than anyone sometimes..Roll Eyes 

Don't get me wrong...I say thank you because it's my choice to do so. If I was

ever squeezed for one, I'd probably say K.M.A...it's more rude to press than it is

not to thank...

People post here everyday. It's fun and for some it's a habit. For some it's a special

need that can only be filled by attaining some form of sick supremacy. That's funny.

Do yourselves a favor people...if you feel pressured and have to give more than you

get...judge for yourself if it's truly worth it. Every single time, it isn't. 


By the way....123 combo is getting around pretty good....if you play it and hit it, pat yourself on

the back because you are the one that decided it would show and put the money on it.

WTG in advance  Hurray!   Hurray!   Hurray!