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Topic closed. 7 replies. Last post 14 years ago by Sista Dee.

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bahamaqueen's avatar - cold

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September 8, 2002
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Posted: March 23, 2003, 12:39 pm - IP Logged

A heartfelt thank you, to my forum family members that took the time to respond to my post. 

Win D, Bigdipper, Lottoscorp, ejoy, teufellj, and Julia 2946.  Emilyg and Bc3V5 with your inputs, which were most informative.  Jennilynn418, who I have come to respect from my visits to Maybell. To Jazzy, who is my Guiding Star. Your words of encourgement truly meant alot, thanks!

I want you all to know that I shall continue on my quest to capture my 303 inspite of how rough the road has become the good part about it is, that it MUST come! 

Bobbyrae, perhaps, you have never had anything that you believed that strongly in and thus the reason for your rather snide remark, thanks.  Remarks like that reminds me that cruelty is still alive and well in are world.  In order to survive, strong people must ignore persons like yourself!

Once again, thanks to all and good luck to us all; in lining are pockets with more of the Benjamins.



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    February 1, 2002
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    Posted: March 23, 2003, 1:39 pm - IP Logged


    keep the faith, I played 210 straight in Florida for over 2 years, it came out on the 24th of Feb. and I won $3790.00 on it, so perservance pays off!!

    I am hoping it comes out soon for you!!


      bobbyray's avatar - lion

      United States
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      August 20, 2002
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      Posted: March 23, 2003, 3:11 pm - IP Logged


      ...it is so easy to misunderstand, people at times...i am no way form or fashion meant to offend you by my remark...just commented on something that i observed - u have been playing the same # for over a year 'hard' & it has not come yet...i simply meant maybe you should switch your # 's up & find a different # to play, &  to not  play that one as hard...if one way does'nt work, try another, got to keep going on...

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        United States
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        November 9, 2001
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        Posted: March 23, 2003, 6:16 pm - IP Logged


          free100's avatar - voodoo
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          February 21, 2003
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          Posted: March 24, 2003, 5:52 am - IP Logged

          Good Morning Bahamasqueen,

          This is your week for 303

          A little story. The first pick-3 I ever caught was

          550 in Florida 06/25/93. From that day it became my

          carrying number. I lost about $35,000 and won about

          $70,000 on that number from then to now. The most

          I ever hit it for at once was $20.00 straight bet.

          Whenever I have a hunch and bet $100.00 it never shows.

          So I know what you are going through. Patience is the key. Let me tell you 550 combo does NOT come much, just

          like your 303.

          Now this is your week for 303. Whenever that 505

          hits the 303 combo follows. Please double your

          bets this week.

          Good Luck and Take care..

            LILBIGMOMMA's avatar - animal butterfly.jpg

            United States
            Member #1023
            January 11, 2003
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            Posted: March 24, 2003, 6:06 am - IP Logged

            Bahamaqueen, Stay on your 303 it will come.  I play 109 -418 everyday my 109 came out here in Ohio on friday I thougt that number would never come out. Im still waiting on my 418 but I know it will come hang in there.


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              Clarkston, Michigan
              United States
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              January 6, 2002
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              Posted: March 24, 2003, 6:40 am - IP Logged


              Let me tell you a story.  My son-in-law used to work part-time at a party store that sold lottery tickets while he pursued his college degree. He has told me this story almost everytime he saw me.  He told me because he thought I am going about the lottery in the wrong way.........but I am a stubborn cat.

              This is his story.  A woman came into the store every day and bought $20.00 straight on 615 ( I forgot the order he told me).  She always played that number in that order for 6 days a week.  She spent $1,200 a year.  She won at least once a year sometimes twice...................a total win of $20,000 a year.  She told him once she hit twice in one year.

              He thinks I should stay with one number and bet on it every day for a year and try her system out.  LOL.......but I enjoy the hunt too much to do it.  I am sure I would be ahead if I did it with my favorite number.

              My advice to you is stick with the number.  It already has a recent history of no shows so it has to come up...or should come up.  303 is a double...........3 ways are easier to hit than 6 ways.  Don't give up the ship, bet as much as you can afford on it every day and your ship will come in........

              Good Luck!



                Sista Dee's avatar - hi
                Decatur, GA (east of the ATL)
                United States
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                October 11, 2001
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                Posted: March 24, 2003, 6:45 am - IP Logged

                Good morning, Bahamaqueen,

                I don't know what state you're playing, but if you play lottery in Illinois, definately watch it there.  They just saw 505 last night, and that clicked in my mind when I read free100's post.  Take care and I hope it puts some $$$ in your pockets.

                Sista Dee