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How long? one way return.

Topic closed. 1 reply. Last post 14 years ago by Prometheus1.

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November 2, 2002
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Posted: April 19, 2003, 6:40 pm - IP Logged

Does anyone know the the average cycle... on a one way number return?

Does anyone know of a program that can display all 1000 one way numbers on one page.... and then subtract the 365 hits from the previous year? or 2 years etc.

Thanks for any help or direction.....


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    April 6, 2003
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    Posted: April 19, 2003, 9:13 pm - IP Logged

    Win d

     Having all 1000 on one display page with the hits subtracted would be a good tool. Fuzzy picks are a bore and usually a box at best. This would present all the remaining one ways at a glance. It would offer a better chance at a straight hit because the return rate would not be factor until the remaining number columns had depleated near 50%. Unlike the #120  6 way list. This is good.

     Lets see about this. Good concept. Don't know of any software that has this sort of display so far.