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July 8, 2002
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Posted: April 20, 2003, 2:56 pm - IP Logged

Hi Jennilynn,

I will put these in for a few days.  It's really hard getting over missing that number.  I think I've chased it for several years off and on.  The good thing is that my cousin played it mid-day because she heard me talking about it.  It turned out to be the last 4 digits of her brothers telephone number, so  she kept it in for that reason.  Since she has never won anything this made her very,very happy.

I didn't play mid-day today but another favorite number 8574 hit.  I've been playing 3487 and 9231 and 0836.  The 014 should hit soon as 0147, 0149, 0148, 1046 and 0143.  The 0148 has hit quite a number of times, so I'd stick with 0147 and 0149 and 0145.  But then one can never tell.    Also I am watching for the Double 9s to  come out.    Check your stats and see what comes up with the Double 9s.  Thanks again.

 Good luck to you.