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Using Sums to help you WIN

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Posted: May 8, 2003, 7:20 pm - IP Logged

I posted this 3 months ago, good luck with it.

Using sums is a very effective way to win in the pick3. The most common group of sums are the 12-15 group. To arrive at a sum just add all three digits together. If you take away doubles you have  only 10 numbers to work in each of these 4 groups. In the month of Jan. for NY there were 16 hits from the 12-15 group. Not bad considering there only 40 possible non-match numbers from these sums. Go back the past couple weeks in your state and look for the hottest sum and most due sum from the 12-15 group, and play the numbers in it. For example in NY the sum 13 is the most due to show, while the 15 has been the hottest this year. Each time a number hits in the 12-15 group mark it down, this way you can see whats hot, and overdue. Here is a list of the 12-15 sums, minus the doubles.