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Hey Kentucky - Followup

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October 11, 2001
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Posted: May 21, 2003, 3:35 am - IP Logged

Good morning, all:

I've got to make this quick because I'm on my way out the door with the baby to drop him at daycare before going to work.  Wanted to let ya'll know that your 523 from last night put you guys back in the "triple zone."  I mentioned earlier that it may be a good idea to start watching the triples very closely since we've got a holiday coming and all and your folks up there seem to like to throw them out pretty regularly lately.  However, I wanted to tell you that I'm seeing the 222s and 999s around your hit from last night, so you may want to put an extra wager on those two. 

Also, that 124 that I mentioned for Georgia, as well as the 429, 723 and 223(233) combos are looking good for you guys.  Have a good day, and as always, I hope it does something for somebody somewhere...

Sista Dee