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New Pattern! Check it out Fla. Everyone

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Posted: May 27, 2003, 6:39 pm - IP Logged

                Straight line & "z" pattern

Everyone check out a new pattern ........at least for me. We have used the old straight line pattern of odd/even numbers in a row. Everyone knows if you get 4 or 5 or 6 even numbers in a row ...well its time to start looking for the opposite to happen......right? That goes for high/low too.....right?

Guess what ....they don't have to be in a straight line pattern! You can do the same with a crooked line too ..or.....a "z" pattern etc. 

Check out Florida's "z" pattern of all even no.s The chances of another even in 3rd. position tomorrow night are remote!

   Wed.                                     ?? odd

TUE 05/27/036-6-4
MON 05/26/030-1-1
SUN 05/25/035-8-0
SAT 05/24/036-4-8
FRI 05/23/035-4-6
THU 05/22/030-5-8
WED 05/21/035-0-6
TUE 05/20/039-9-2
MON 05/19/030-5-3
SUN 05/18/031-2-7
SAT 05/17/033-8-0
FRI 05/16/035-4-4
THU 05/15/033-4-6
WED 05/14/033-0-9
TUE 05/13/036-7-5
MON 05/12/030-4-2

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