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June 23, 2003
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Posted: June 27, 2003, 5:12 am - IP Logged


How do you pick your numbers?  Do you not think a double is due?? Just asking..... I'm the new one to pick 4.  I have been researching an awesome system and I am going to put it in motion after the next double hits.  The system I found does not hit on doubles and we have had 4 days straight with no doubles.

would love your input!

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    Posted: June 27, 2003, 4:44 pm - IP Logged

    Donna H
    this set of numbers are wheeled from the top five digits from a twenty draw digit count. The top five were
    7-0-1-8-2. In some drawings the drawn numbers will appear in the top 5 digits or the bottom five digits. The bottom five digits were 3-4-6-5-9.
    tonights draw was 4654 so it obviously came from the bottom five.
    I do not do any extensive charting in the four game. just keep it simple.
    How I arrived at this set of numbers was by using a lottery software with a game setup just for a twenty draw entry. It automatically counts the digits drawn for me. I enter the current draw and delete out the oldest draw and my new digit count is there.
    In this software in the ticket selection mode I can enter digits which I only want to be pulled for ticket selection. I pull as many desired wether they be no match or doubles.
    This software and system has proven itself to me as I have used and experimented with dry runs many times over the past 15 months since I have had it.
    It has pulled box and straight hits so I am confident to use it.
    It appears to me you may be going to use some type of wheeling system for your plays.
    Good luck