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Topic closed. 17 replies. Last post 14 years ago by CASH34OLOGIST.

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September 8, 2002
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Posted: July 13, 2003, 1:56 pm - IP Logged

von-von would like to have a hot sheet for michigan tell me what i have to do to join the inner circle

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    United States
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    December 20, 2000
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    Posted: July 13, 2003, 4:14 pm - IP Logged

    Forum watch when Casho post where his numbers are hitting, you will be able to catch 5 to 6 numbers a month with the traveling numbers - I've watched and hit off of them... So make sure you follow  his daily hits as he post them and match them up to see if they're in any of your working numbers... (when Casho's numbers get hot they stay that way for a couple weeks)

    Some people look at Casho's posting his hits everyday as bragging, but I look at them as another tool to help me hit the numbers...

    Casho - thanks for the numbers - much appreciated...




    Good Luck Lep

      Atlanta Georgia
      United States
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      January 23, 2002
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      Posted: July 14, 2003, 7:00 am - IP Logged

      Thanks Lucky, I got your PM also, it's all good.

      Reds Hot Sheet Instruction Layout