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Can your children inherit your annuity?

Topic closed. 2 replies. Last post 15 years ago by hypersoniq.

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February 19, 2002
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Posted: July 15, 2003, 3:24 pm - IP Logged

Can your children inherit your Annuity if you die before the end of the 30-year period?

Do all states pay annuity funds to survivors designated in a will? What about if there is no will?

I'm curious.

Just so you know, I myself would choose the Cash option. :-)                                         


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    June 5, 2002
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    Posted: July 15, 2003, 3:26 pm - IP Logged

    Whether or not the annuity can be passed on, don't forget the possible ESTATE TAX consequences.

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      April 6, 2003
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      Posted: July 15, 2003, 3:33 pm - IP Logged

      Here is a great link about what can go wrong...

      (Originally posted by midwstrngirl in a different thread)


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