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non consecutive numbers

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September 15, 2003
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Posted: September 17, 2003, 7:47 pm - IP Logged

these r like a curve ball in baseball another words when the pick 3 lotto throws you a curve ball you go opposite of consecutive numbers these r not nearly as effective as the consecutive  numbers system but they usually come up at least once a week less numbers so if you guees the right night you might win some money.maybe after a consecutive number hits u might want to try this after one of those draws just an idea. not responsible for losses entertainment.these also r to be  played in the range of 2-9 same rules apply from consecutive system. here they r   735,835,935,937,257,259,279,479,579,368,624,724,824,924,826,926,528,846,946,693  and thats all in this system watch these also thet do come up frequently but not as hot as consecutive numbers. the best way to play would probably be random order these r not in exact order but they occasionally will come up exact but randoms best pick.  good luck from the genie  in all this should be 20  numbers.