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lottery subscriptions

Topic closed. 3 replies. Last post 13 years ago by numbersman.

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September 30, 2003
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Posted: October 1, 2003, 8:18 am - IP Logged

I've never understood why a person can't purchase a lottery subscription through the mail from another state?  You'd think states would want to sell as many tickets as possible, especially since in this case, they'd be getting money in advance. 

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    Posted: October 1, 2003, 8:20 am - IP Logged

    The US Mail basically doesn't allow tickets to be MAILED across a state line.

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      July 29, 2003
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      Posted: October 1, 2003, 1:01 pm - IP Logged
      Quote: Originally posted by CASH Only on October 01, 2003

      The US Mail basically doesn't allow tickets to be MAILED across a state line.

      That is correct. The reasoning given by the USPS is that various states (NC is one, for example) have laws on the books which make simple possession of a lottery ticket a crime. Not that anyone ever prosecutes this crime, but the USPS doesn't want to have their carriers potentially breaking a law (enforced or not).

      Now, you may say, a subscription is not necessarily a lottery ticket. That may be true, however, the interpretation from the Postal Service is that even the receipt notifiying you that your numbers have been entered and your subscription is good until xxx date also potentially runs afoul of the various state laws since the drawings have not occurred yet.

      That having been said, there is a way around such a limitation, however it is much more expensive to do. Certain states, in the past, to allow subscriptions to be purchased for out of state residents, have conducted all "subscription" business via overnight courier service (FedEx, UPS, etc.) In this case, slips were required to be sent in and receipts were returned via courier service, bypassing the USPS. As you can imagine, this can be expensive on both ends, so states which do provide subscriptions often require an in-state return mailing address.

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        October 1, 2003
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        Posted: October 2, 2003, 7:02 am - IP Logged

        Currently there is one State that offers out of State subscription.  Massachusetts State Lottery Commision. 1-800-222-8587 They offer three fun games Mass Million,Mega Bucks, Mass Cash. The cost is only $1.00 per game. You can play for 13 weeks, 26 weeks or 52 weeks. The only other cost is for Ups $4.00 to bring your confirmation ticket. I've been playing for years and yes they mail your winning straight to your mail box.  I hope this info helps you out. I should remind you that you must use your telephone. For further details go to their website http://masslottery.com I live in North Carolina and I'm always looking for ways to play without traveling so far.