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wheeling for dollars!!

Topic closed. 1 reply. Last post 13 years ago by dvdiva.

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July 20, 2003
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Posted: October 6, 2003, 8:22 pm - IP Logged

i think everyone has missed the point that i was trying to make that the $1000 was just an example it could be $42.00 for an 18 number wheel lets suppose that you manage to trap five of the 6 numbers each one of your 42 combinations has a big fat zero chance of winning that particular jackpot while 42 random quickpicks has 42 chances of hitting that jackpot but on the other hand if it doesnt hit the jackpot i would be willing to bet the lower tier prize return for the wheel would be better!!! so once again i guess its a personal decision are you after a jackpot win???? dont wheel! if you want a better dollar return on the money invested then do so!

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    September 17, 2003
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    Posted: October 6, 2003, 11:17 pm - IP Logged

    well the most i spend is around 300 but yes i think we got your point. but some people exclude numbers to improve their odds. for instance if you believe the winning set of numbers will start with a number in the 20's you would exclude 1-19 from your numbers. if you are wrong you lose everything (which as experenced lottery players here know is very likely anyways) but if you are right you have changed your odds in your favor by quite a bit. thats what its all about do you want just a random set of numbers or do you have a theory and can increase your odds. for some they just want to play random numbers for others like myself and many here they just want a chance to increase the odds in their favor. wheeling is simply a method of doing that. its not for everyone including me but to each their own. i have my method of excluding sets of numbers or playing triples. its all about trying to increase the very bad odds we know are against us to have a shot at our dreams.