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South Carolina t-t-t workout system

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Posted: October 12, 2003, 10:04 am - IP Logged

Sun 10/12

I chose the 0 for the middle tonight

There are four that you can work to backtest to see which
 one works for you
there are different patterns you can run in the ttt to
minimize the plays.If your state has a frequency of repeat
pairs from the previous draw work a pattern to catch some
of them
I will do some on these

The last two sun eve draws
[6[8]9]drawn sun eve 10/05 6901 four corners
[5[0]9]center 0-1or2 your choice in center
[1[4]0]drawn sun eve 09/28  8945 outside middle



you can swap four corners and outside middle if desired.
there are no
set rules except the drawn numbers which stay as drawn.

last current draw and the last sun eve draw
[1[6]3]drawn sat eve 10/11 1378 four corners
[1[0]9]center 0-1or2 your choice in center
[8[0]7]drawn sun10/05 6901 outside middle



the last two current draws( for mon mid you can go sat
eve + sun eve)
[1[7]3] drawn sat eve 10/11 1378 four corners
[8[0]5] center 0-1or2 your choice
[8[9]7] drawn sat mid 10/11 7598 outside middle


the last two current mid or eve draws
[1[1]3] drawn sat eve 10/11 1378 four corners
[2[0]2] center 0-1or2 your choice
[8[9]7] drawn fri eve 10/10 1292 outside middle


I chose the method of the 0-1or2 in center as that is
generally the most frequently draw number in the four game.
That is also optional on your part. no rules.
working this method you may have a setup of the numbers
where you may catch the no match, doubles, double-doubles,
triples and possibly the quads. Its all in the next draw
as we all know. the unknown.