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worldjackpots for euro lotto players

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December 16, 2003
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Posted: February 17, 2004, 12:30 pm - IP Logged

its a good choice to play worldjackpots.heres its introduction

The other advantage of being entered in major "JACKPOTS-ONLY" Draws is that ALL cash prizes are bigger. More people want to play when Jackpots have accumulated, so more money goes into the prize pool - often at the last moment - if stories appear on TV and in the press. This means more money is shared among ALL WINNERS in that Draw.

   So not only is the First Division Prize bigger - the Second, Third and Fourth Division Prizes are ALL bigger! So even if you don't hit the Jackpot in that Draw - but win a cash prize in a lower Division - you still win an amount much larger than normal.

The 5 participating Government Lotteries are some of the most widely played Lottos in the world, and have paid out some of the biggest Jackpots in history (see color=#800080 The Lottos). Each Lottery holds at least 2 weekly Draws, which are closely monitored by OSA's agents in each country. Within 48 hours of a Draw, it's possible to accurately predict the size of the pool and the value of the top prize, and if the Jackpot hits any of the following thresholds, THAT'S when your numbers are entered.

LotteryMinimum Jackpot Prize Amounts After Which Your Numbers are Entered
UK Lottery  Over UK ?10 Million
German Lottery  Over DM 10 Million
Canadian Lottery  Over C $ 10 Million
French Lottery  Over FF 32 Million
Spanish Lottery  Over Ptas. 450 Million

   If any Major Jackpot prize is not won, the amount is rolled over to the next Draw, and your numbers will be entered again automatically (assuming you still have Draws left to play in your subscription).

So I suggest there should be such a worldjackpots section to attract more lotto players all over the world in the near future


    Member #3032
    December 16, 2003
    1081 Posts
    Posted: February 17, 2004, 12:39 pm - IP Logged


    They offered us good online play service as well