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My husdand's Dream and My Dream

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May 16, 2003
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Posted: March 25, 2004, 5:54 am - IP Logged

My husband dream that he was changing our baby's pampers.  The pampers had a pile of filth in it with two pebbles (hard stool).  The two pepples drop on the bed.  He picked up the pebbles with his hand and put in the pampers with the rest of the filth.  He is 36 yrs  our baby is 1yrs


I had two dreams I was doing something for my aunt can't really remember( maybe typing up a document or something),  but she is 72 yrs she is blind in real life but in my dream she could of see.  I also dream about my husbands brother he was trying to kill us. That is my baby and I, first he trapped us in the house, but we got away he was running behind us with a knife.  I had the phone trying to call my husband to let him know that his brother was trying to kill me.  I only could remember that I was trying to dail 2#, because our phone has speed dial.

I am 29yr, brother- in -law 37yrs - baby 1 yrs, husband 36 yrs


What do you think ????????  I need this lucky number today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Posted: March 25, 2004, 7:51 am - IP Logged


    Don't forget to flip those 6's/9's.