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Texas Evening Analysis

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May 7, 2003
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Posted: March 29, 2004, 3:50 pm - IP Logged

Just finished an analysis of the Texas Evening games.  Since I dont play the Evening game I havent been keeping my records up to date so I had about 35 days of updating to do.  Woah...WOW!

Never seen so many Doubles lol  Out of the 35 entries there were 15 Doubles games!  Now if that doesnt blow some statistics I dont know what will?  Of the remaining 20 entries 5 of the entries were 3 different digit PURES and the remaining 15 were 3 different digit with either 2 Odd/1Even or 2 Even/1 Odd.

Something else out of the "unusual" I found was 13 games that had Sum Totals 0-10 with 23 games of Sums 11-20 with NO Sums 21-27!  This Sum is long overdue in the Evening game and something to watch in the coming future.

Another fact in addition to an unusually high number of Doubles playing is the number of digits that came from games out 1 through 4.  There were 12 entries where all 3 digits came from the previous 4 games, with 9 of those entries being Doubles and 6 of those Nine having Sums 0-10. 

With the higher case of 3 digits playing 1-4 games it appears it also increased the likelihood of Doubles playing.  There was still a higher incidence of where there was a 2/1 split overall with 16 entries having had 2 digits from 1-4 games with 1 digit 5+ games out.  There was only ONE instance of where all 3 digits came 5+ games out and 6 instances where 1 digit came 1-4 games with the 2 remaining digits from 5+ games out.

"Where" the digits play seems to have slowed down in the past week from the 2/1 or 3 as in the past though with 5 out of 6 entries having 2 digits from most recent 4 games and 1 digit 5+ out.  Hopefully this is a sign that things are starting to settle down.  Still hasnt let go of that Sum Total 0-10 though as 2 of the 6 games have been Sums 8 and 10!

In conclusion, 3 different digits appear to still have the edge as well as Sums 11-20.  Digits playing from Games 1 through 4 overwhelmlingly have the edge however I think this will start to subside and we will see more 2/1 or 1/2 splits.