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Canada and UK Predictions

Topic closed. 15 replies. Last post 13 years ago by lottoshlep.

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August 19, 2003
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Posted: May 21, 2004, 11:50 am - IP Logged

My take on Canadians is that as a whole lot less play Daily 3 than our American neighbours. That may soon change because of a format change for the National 6/49 (read: doubling of the ticket cost from $1 to $2 thus effectively increasing the odds of winning 2 fold per dollar played). BC49 (smaller provincial lotto) is doing essentially the same, as of June tickets will cost $1 (vs $0.50 previously).

I for one will pay a lot more attention to Pick 3 now and not  support 'our' lotto corps shameless money grab, although I do think they shot themselves in the foot ... time will tell.

So Todd, your choice to introduce Canadian predictions now is well-timed IMO .... EhEh+

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