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Tx Sum Root Repeats and others also.

Topic closed. 3 replies. Last post 13 years ago by LANTERN.

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May 4, 2004
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Posted: June 25, 2004, 9:26 pm - IP Logged

Separate the day from the night draw and check the root sums of the last few pick 3 draws (Both ,day and night) and you will see that they (The root sums) are repeating right away quite a lot.

So all that you have to do is play the same root sums as the last draw (Separate day and night, they are not the same game, but two games, one day and another night).

But all this might change any time, so keep track of changes, also monitor even-odd and high-low sequences they were repeating a while back and they might again later, whatever repeats very often keep track of, also track changes, to sums, sum roots, even-odd sequences and high-low sequences.

And whatever you see repeating often at a particular time play that untill it changes to something else and then play the next change if it repeats often also.

It's a cat and mouse game, so play it that way also.

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    May 4, 2004
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    Posted: June 25, 2004, 10:26 pm - IP Logged

    Try to anticipate "new" changes of sums, root sums, high-low and even-odd "sequences" based on "past changes" of these things and also of "cycles" of these things.

    Also keep an eye on things like 2 odd-one even, 2 even-one odd and or 2 high-one low, 2 low-one high

    See how they change and how they repeat and or cycle.

    By looking at the changes and at the cycles of all of these and the above things try to predict  or guess which sequence of any of these things will be coming next and buy those combos that have the sequence(s) that will be coming next.

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      May 4, 2004
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      Posted: June 27, 2004, 3:41 am - IP Logged

      As I said the Tx Lottery people are making the sum roots repeat, like for friday and saturday night both roots are the same = 8.

                                                    Night draws    125 = 8 sum and 8 root

                                                                          980 =17sum and 8 root

                                                                          729 =18sum and 9 root

                                                                          036 = 9 sum and 9 root

      6/26/2004  125
      6/25/2004  980
      6/24/2004  729
      6/23/2004  036
      6/22/2004  314
      6/21/2004  522
      6/19/2004  445
      6/18/2004  885
      6/17/2004  483
      6/16/2004  638
      6/15/2004  495
      6/14/2004  273
      6/12/2004  591
      6/11/2004  531
      6/10/2004  280
      6/9/2004  077
      6/8/2004  978
      6/7/2004  329
      6/5/2004  332
      6/4/2004  409
      6/3/2004  086
      6/2/2004  307
      6/1/2004  818
      5/31/2004  993
      5/29/2004  810
      5/28/2004  484
      5/27/2004  035
      5/26/2004  754
      5/25/2004  373
      5/24/2004  560
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        May 4, 2004
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        Posted: June 30, 2004, 2:45 am - IP Logged

        I was right about root repeats not only for the separate draws, but also for combines draws, but now it looks as if that is about to change, now look for maybe 2 numbers in the same position repeats, but it's not for sure and the sum root repeats might come back  also look for the same even-odd and or high-low sequences for the last draw and to come back on the next draw, there might be some repeats of that also, also keep an eye on sum repeats and on 1 digit on same position repeats, look out for any combination(s) of sequences that repeat and or digits or sums or sum roots.

        Always look out for any same thing(s) that repeat and for those things that do not repeat, for what is the same and for what is not, the lottery commision does this to thru you and the sequences or normal and proper continuation of the numbers off, I very well know the proper sequences of numbers for TX and that is why the Tx lottery commision plays these tricks to thru those sequences off, what they don't understand is that this way is much easier for you to get the winning number, than if they keep on messing with the normal and proper continuation of pick 3 numbers.

        They don't really know what they are doing, so they are trying different things to keep people from winning, they don't understand that in the end the more that they tamper with the game's numbers, the easier that it's for people to get the winning number.

        They hardly understand the game(s) at all, only what people post here and in other places like this and what they learn from lottery programs and what they have been told about my systems (That is from where they got the most knowledge of the game), but that knowledge does them very little good, because they don't understand it too good, or too well, they are desperate and grasping at straws.

        I have learned that it's futile for the most part to post numbers here, because the state lottery commisions make sure that most of the time those numbers don't come out, they let a few numbers win some times to keep the people's interest in the games and hoping.

        If you don't want to win, or if you don't want your winning number(s) to come out on the next draw, then post your numbers (combos) here on the forum and you will be making sure that most of the time they will not be coming out, so you will almost never win.

        That is why is much better for me to give you tips such as these, so you can pick your own winning numbers.

        Take a look and see what the Tx lotto people are doing to the draws and use that to get your winning number.

        Always do the full even-odd, high-low, sum and sum root workout for every draw as they come out and keep the draws and the workouts both separate (day or night) and also combined (day with night) and compare the draws with each other in both ways (draws combined and draws separated) and look out for things that are the same or similar and for things that are different and pick your numbers in accord with what you see.

        Good luck to you all.