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TN straight? Crunched combos 14 AUG

Topic closed. 17 replies. Last post 12 years ago by MikeK.

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March 21, 2004
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Posted: August 15, 2004, 9:36 am - IP Logged


Excellent job on all of your hard work.  I was going to post a comment about over-filtering earlier, but I was just swamped with a ton of things to do myself.  We can actually filter most of our number combinations all the way down to just 5 to 10 numbers and still win.  However, your hit rate at this point will usually fall down to something less than spectacular. 

Henceforth, the reason why I have stated many times before that I am quite comfortable playing a larger field of numbers.  I get paid almost EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE WEEK.  MULTIPLE TIMES.  The best part about the whole situation is that it doesn't matter what state we want to play.  I always expect to win, and usually, I do indeed do just that.  Win.  I have been doing this for months now. 

I don't want to get into too much detail on the open and public forum, but I can tell you this, and that is, once you get started and seriously betting with your newfound techniques, you'll never look back. 

Winning becomes almost too easy.  There is no other tool like The Crunch.  It can take all the good things that you already have and make them exponentially better the nth power. 

I have been playing with profits from the state pick 3 lottery games almost from the very first time I have made such a breakthrough using The Crunch.  My techniques and methods may be a bit different than most. However, keep in mind, they were designed techniques for my personal use, and not necessarily catered to the general public player.  I have spent countless numbers of days and hours doing extensive back-testing on historical data before I actually started to plunk down my money.  Many people are not willing to go this route.  I had a one-track mind.  I only wanted to get paid. 

Success is not always an easy road to travel upon.  So many people will constantly argue and debate you on the path you've chosen.  You should let them go their own way and stop bothering you.  They always seem to know so much, yet their train never seems to leave the station.  Always hitched up and ready to go, but never going anywhere are even far enough to make a real difference. 


Keep up the good fight, hurry up and get paid.  Get paid before everything changes.  Get paid before it's too late.  The rules of the game may change right before your very eyes because someone else may be watching you and may not like it because you've found a way to win so much.

Remember, you're not supposed to win like the way we do, or at least, as I do.  How long do you think this beauty of a ride may last?  I don't know.  However, what I do know is this, that everything and nothing never lasts forever, (excusing my use of my victorian english here for all you who may be language experts out there, but I'm just trying to make a point).  Hurry up and get paid!


My sole purpose was to beat the game and win consistently.  I think that I have achieved this already.  Now, I am already looking to take it even further.  The dvent horizon is our next destination. 

Always look at the risk vs reward measure.  And now that you have a place to play the games on line which gives you almost twice the payout as the state, then, YOU HAVE JUST MADE A MAJOR LEAGUE SCORE!!!  Good luck, and I'll talk to you soon!


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    Posted: August 15, 2004, 10:14 am - IP Logged

    We ( My husband and I ) got the 102 last night boxed..2 times..If I had read your post yesterday morning, I would have slaughtered it.  As you know, I track by roots and sums.  I started playing that number on Tuesday because I knew it would fall soon.  The 3 root had been out in TN for about 30-31 draws so I knew the 120 was a winner.  I just didn't know which way to go straight with it.  From now on if I get another one of those "good ones", I will make sure I read your post to get a heads up on the straight way.

    If you know your number is going to hit, have patience and then KILL IT!

    You never know when you will get another hit.

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      Posted: August 15, 2004, 11:24 am - IP Logged

      Thanks again for your nice comments, Lantern and Paymenow.


      Here a quick example of the use of the new (your) 10ColumnSums filter within CRUNCH 2 that I menitoned earlier via PM., using Lanterns previous selection....

      Date/Time: Sun Aug 15 08:17:31 PDT 2004

      <AddList:StraightNumbers> 030, 040, 600, 800, 602, 304, 804, 521, 291, 941, 591, 332, 273, 264, 672, 563, 573, 593, 636, 564, 574, 674, 864, 974, 575, 965, 020, 200, 021, 120, 204, 240, 205, 520, 305, 530, 093, 903, 122, 221, 022, 202, 220, 032, 203, 302
      <SelectFilter:10ColumnSums> 3

      Priority: 1
      Priority: 2
      021, 120

      No. of Results  : 3
      No. of Selections: 2
      No. of Priorities: 2

      Good Luck!