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has this happen to anyone

Topic closed. 2 replies. Last post 13 years ago by Jani Norman.

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Posted: August 20, 2004, 6:56 pm - IP Logged

this afternoon. i was at work, and one of my co-workers always walks around with the midday number on a piece of paper, to show everyone what the number was. i did not see him this time so i asked one my co-workers what the number was they said 471, i was so happy i play 471 just like that everyday, so i am happy as i can be . untilllllll i get to store and the number is 741 not 471, moral to this story, check before you celebrate, 40.00 is good but 290.00 is better.has this happen to anyone.

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    Posted: August 20, 2004, 7:25 pm - IP Logged

    Yes it happened to me today...twice in a row....wrote the 737 straight in GA and did not play it....and tonight came up with the 867 and did not play it either....I need to cool down right now......

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      March 27, 2004
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      Posted: August 20, 2004, 7:44 pm - IP Logged

      Yep!!!! been there had that happen before too... I double check at least three or four times, before I rush out to cash any tickets...

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