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Need help equating flipping pennies to

Topic closed. 16 replies. Last post 12 years ago by Colin F.

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Clarkston Michigan
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August 21, 2004
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Posted: August 23, 2004, 8:07 am - IP Logged

fast eddie,

your penney fliping takes to much time.

mark 10 pennies 1 through 10.

put in cup shake and draw one out - thats your 1st number - do this 3 more times and you will have a 4 number random pick

you will hit or be close alot of times

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    December 22, 2003
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    Posted: August 24, 2004, 10:25 am - IP Logged


    Welcome to LP and the Mathematics section.

    Now FastEddy is pretty quick on the uptake but for the passing browser I think we should clarify a few things with your minimalist method. I have to confess I think this is a variation on the method first promulgated on this forum by WinSumLoseSum - hopefully he didn't patent it, otherwise you could be facing a huge sum to pay out in punitive damages.

    Firstly, we must point out to people that the 10 on the penny is not a 10 and in a reverse application of the root theory we take one from nothing which gives us 0. So now we have numbers 0 to 9.

    Secondly, we must write down each number after extracting it because we are talking of drawings with replacement. On reflection I think your method of writing the numbers on the pennies is fairer because a sensitive person picking a penny from a bucket could tell which side the head was on.

    Thirdly, they need to really shake those pennies between each draw - maybe, a KFC bucket would be OK after eating the chicken of course. And to help things along I would suggest a bit of doo da music (you're probably familiar with that) or even rap.

    Maybe -

    Flying Like a Bird
    Buzzin Like a Bee
    You don't want
    To be a messin with me
    Flying Lke a Bird
    Buzzin Like a Bee
    I just is the prettiest thing
    you've seen.


    PS If you don't like this Post then I think my 8 year old daughter will - I'll show her tomorrow. She thinks my best Post was the Chicken hatching one. I know she is going to be the first woman Prime Minister of Australia.