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I won with seven dollars

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Posted: August 28, 2004, 2:57 am - IP Logged

Tonight I went to the casino, a tribal casino in WA. State.  My wife and I were playing their video slots, having a terrible time were we.  Indeed we did loose a few dollars.  But I had seven dollars in chips I had brought from home. As we were getting ready to leave for the evening we stopped by a $5 blackjack table.  "Just let me get rid of this $7" says I.  With a bored, yet some what amused look, she obliges.

    First hand.  $7            dealer gives me a 20    I win

    Second hand. $14      dealers gives me a soft  19  I win

    Third hand  $28        another 20            dealer bust

     Fourth hand  $50  (gave dealer tip)  17  dealer bust with 3 showing

    Fifth hand  $100    another 20  (right after a shuffle)  dealer bust

      Sixth hand------- Everybody at the table has won every hand since I sat down,  we are all yelling, giving high fives,etc.    I retract my bet to $50.  I figure that this can't go on forever, so I take some money back to atleast cover some of my loses for the night.

      Dealer gives me an 11 with a 3 showing!  I have $50 on the table, I have to do it.  I painfully slide another $50 onto the green felt..................

  It's a 9!

            Dealer busts!!!!!!

      The guy next to me looks over and says "Do you know what I would do right now?"

      I said "LEAVE"


                    Good Night and Good Luck!!!