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candidates who will support gambling

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August 18, 2004
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Posted: September 5, 2004, 9:54 pm - IP Logged

Vote for those candidates who will support gambling

Hawai'i is losing hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues from not allowing lottos, gaming, bingo, etc.

If a poll were taken today on the question of gambling, I would venture to guess that 80 percent would admit to participating in some form of gambling. Ten percent, for whatever the reason, would deny it. Another 10 percent would oppose gambling because of the negative influence it would attract. The negative influences cited in the past are the underworld control of gambling, the social ills created because of gambling and the financial misfortunes of those addicted by gambling.

It has been proven that with appropriate laws and stiff fines, the criminal influences can be controlled. The social ills can be better treated with the revenues from gambling. Gambling exists now, and those who suffer because of gambling suffer because it is illegal. And those who suffer from social ills have nowhere to turn for help because gambling is illegal.

Legalized gambling could be controlled through licensing and the establishment of appropriate enforcement agencies. There are a number of these agencies in other states that are available as examples. We could choose the most effective examples and adopt them.

Gambling would create new sources of employment. Our young people need not leave the state of Hawai'i to seek employment. This would in effect allow a lot of our people to return home, as so many now would like to do. If lottos and gambling were allowed, the monies from these sources could cure our shortcomings in education, health and other areas in dire need of funds.

Gambling would provide another reason for tourists to come to Hawai'i. If we want to increase tourism, we need to also provide this source of entertainment as an option to our visitors.

The people of Hawai'i can take destiny in their own hands by electing those candidates for government offices who are practical-minded citizens and are not afraid to look at all available means of revenue and incorporate those ideas that will improve the livelihood of the people they represent. Forty-eight other states in the union allow gambling/gaming/lotto. They can't all be wrong in the paths they chose to raise the much-needed revenues.