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My Method Explained again

Topic closed. 3 replies. Last post 12 years ago by joyjoy8.

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Poway CA (San Diego County)
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January 25, 2004
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Posted: September 9, 2004, 7:25 pm - IP Logged

To make it easy, I have copied the post I did back in March explaining how I do "My Method".  I did add a little at the end.  Also, I am posting all 150 numbers now instead of the two columns.

I have had a number of people that have asked me to explain my method and how I get the two columns of 5 numbers each. I will explain it again, because it has been awhile since I first explained it, and people are now seeing that it has some merit!

My method of getting the numbers for the two columns is the same as the Ohiopick3 method. I look at the past draws and write down the numbers without duplicating. Here are the last draws for California as an example:








I start by writing down 234 (last draw). Now I look at the next number (328) and notice that I have already used the 2 and 3, so I write down just the 8...2348...the next number is 802...I have used the 2 and 8 already so I write down the 0...23480...those are my first five numbers (column A). I continue...the next number is 169 and I haven't used any of those numbers, so I write them down...23480-169...the next number is 483...I have already used all of those so I keep looking for my last 2 numbers...the next number is 971..I haven't used the 7, so I write it down...23480-1697...I only need one more number and just by looking I see that the only number I haven't used is 5..adding it I have 23480-16975. Now I have all 10 digits in order. Take the first set and put them into column A and the second set in column B.













That was the easy part! Now pick 1 from column A and 2 from column B or vice versa. I like to look for triangles and try to always use a neighbor like 23 or 56. Note that 01 is a neighbor and so is 90. If you did all the combos including doubles, you would have to play 150 tickets! So, I suggest looking for a few tickets to play looking for neighbors and maybe patterns.

By the way, after you do the first 10-digit number, it is easy to do the following ones. I highlight (bold) the digits in the 10-digit number that hit that time. The next time, I just start with the numbers from the last draw and add the digits that are NOT in bold from left to right. Make sure you have all 10 digits and only once!

    North Carolina
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    April 11, 2004
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    Posted: September 9, 2004, 8:13 pm - IP Logged

    Thank you Calif Dude. I always like learning new work-outs.

    'Be Loving and Peaceful'Blue Angel

      Poway CA (San Diego County)
      United States
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      January 25, 2004
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      Posted: September 9, 2004, 8:25 pm - IP Logged

      Well, this one is tried and true, just need to find correct filters so you don't have to play 150 tickets!  The sums that I give work very well except for Texas (I don't even post them for Texas!). 

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        Houston Texas
        United States
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        November 30, 2000
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        Posted: September 9, 2004, 9:26 pm - IP Logged

        Hey dude, Texas is very hard, I used to win in texas regularly. Lately it's been mostly miss , miss , miss, hit, miss ect. I am really losing patience with pick 3 here, All the systems and programs that have worked in the past are not working now. I reduced my playing . I still do all my tracking , run my systems and do work-outs, but it seems to be getting harder and harder to win. I appreciate all the work you do for Texas.............................Joy