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Leaving for Arizona

Topic closed. 1 reply. Last post 12 years ago by Jorli D.

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January 6, 2002
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Posted: September 23, 2004, 8:32 am - IP Logged

I will be on vacation from Friday......till October 8th.  I am going to Mesa, Arizona with my sister and mother to help my mother move into her new place (if you could call that a vacation...lol) but we plan on taking some days off and going to do some sightseeing.  Where my mother will live has two pools, a golf course and lots of things to do so I will be kept busy.  I plan on coming back with a tan as the average temp is like 90-100 degrees at this time of year. Boy I need the sun.  I got this bad cold right now.

I hate to leave my grandkids......I just love them so much.  My aunt told me something that is probably so true........she said, "you love your children with all your heart but with your grandchildren, "you are in love with them."  I think she hit the nail on the head.  Zach is the one who gave me this cold........lol...and I can't even be mad at him.  I am busy cleaning like mad because when I get back I will have house full of overweekend guests because both babies will be baptized on the 10th.  We have to still figure out how we are going to get the babies to wear the same gown (been in the family for 100 years).........I think they are going to have to sing a song or something so we can change them in-between.....my life is never easy...lol.

Anyway, good luck to all.............hit them numbers.  I also have updated my home page with pictures of my newest grandchild, Lance Isaac _____ .  Isaac was my great grandfather's name.  Actually, I kind of like it.....I wish they would have named him that.

Tntea, you are doing so great.  Thanks for all the posts helping people.  I know they all appreciate it.  Blackapple, I expect you to have the lottery cracked by the time I get back...........lol......


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    October 4, 2003
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    Posted: September 23, 2004, 9:09 am - IP Logged

    Enjoy your vacation Sandy!  I'll miss you!