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Welcome to the Lottery Post VTracs page!

The term "VTracs" is comprised of "V" for variable and "Tracs" for tracking.  So when you talk about VTracs you're talking about tracking variables.

VTracs uses a system of number substitution to condense regular Pick 3 drawing results into 3-digit numbers with half as many possible combinations.  The number substitution is as follows:

VTracDraw Numbers

To differentiate a VTrac 3-digit number from a regular Pick 3 combination, we add a "v" before the number.  Therefore, the VTrac 123 is represented as v123.

This section contains both informational reference materials, which can be accessed by anyone, and interactive results and systems pages, which can be accessed by Gold and Platinum members.  (Go to the Premium Memberships page for a comparison grid of features you receive when you upgrade your membership.)

VTracs Systems and Results

VTrac lottery resultsState lottery drawing results, together with the corresponding VTracs
VTracs Search EnginePowerful and flexible search engine to find either full or partial VTracs for Pick 3, Pick 4, and Quinto in Lottery Post's extensive lottery results database

VTracs Reference Materials

VTrac Pick 3 mirror combinationsChart shows every Pick 3 VTrac and its 8 translated combinations.
VTrac Pick 4 mirror combinationsChart shows every Pick 4 VTrac and its 16 translated combinations.
VTrac Quinto mirror combinationsChart shows every Quinto VTrac and its 32 translated combinations.