Convert Words and Phrases to Lottery Numbers

This lottery system will convert any words, phrases or other text you enter into lottery numbers for the game of your choosing, using highly specialized mathematical formulas.

Show Introduction

For Platinum members, we calculate up to six different sets of numbers each time — or two sets for Standard and Gold members.  Each set of numbers generated uses a completely different formula.  You will see the numbers generated by each formula as "Method 1", "Method 2", and so on.

The numbers are generated completely based on mathematics, not on previous lottery results like most other systems.  Therefore, a particular word or phrase will always generate the same set of numbers for a particular game.

However, the mathematical formulas take into account the individual game rules, so each game will generate its own set of numbers for a particular word or phrase.


  1. First, use your keyboard to type the words, phrase, or any other text you wish into the text input area.  Every single character you type, as well as the way you enter them (for example, upper- or lower-case) is important to the system, and will be evaluated exactly as your enter them.  For instance, "Hello" is different than "HELLO", which is different than "hello".

    Even spaces are important — entering two spaces between words is different than entering one space between words, and will result in different numbers being calculated by the system.

    In the Options section of the page, we have included an option to "Normalize" the word(s) or phrase you enter.  If you select that option, the system will ensure that only one space separates each word, and that the first letter is capitalized, followed by all lower-case letters.  (This is commonly referred to as "Sentence capitalization".)

  2. Select the game you wish to generate numbers for.  To do this, first select one item from the Location box.  That will populate the Game box with the available games for that location.  Select the game you wish from the Game box.

    Or, instead of selecting a specific location, you can select "Common Games" in the Location box.  That will populate the Game box with the most common games that people use.

  3. In the Options section you can choose to "Normalize" the word(s)/phrase you enter (see instruction #1), and you can also choose to display the generated numbers in the order they were generated (non-sorted).  If you leave that option un-checked, the numbers generated will be sorted from low-to-high, just like you'll see on a lottery ticket.

    When you're ready, click the Convert button to convert the word(s)/phrase you entered into lottery numbers.


Our mathematical formulas are so complete that you can even generate numbers for blank text input (no text entered).  A great way to generate numbers, even when you have nothing to say!