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LuckyLou*'s Blog

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February 29, 2016, 11:06 pmCali $30 scratcher

I have been following the results for the California $30 scratcher game as well as playing it. As of this time there are less than 10% of the tickets remaining. About 93% of the prizes from $500 down to the ticket have been claimed and yet only about 77% of the $10K, $2K and the $1K prizes have been claimed. This means a deficit of approximately 60 $10K prizes, 285 $2K prizes and over 2000 $1K prizes. Considering the $1K prize and about how many tickets are still out there, that puts the odds of winning $1K at about 300/1. There are 3062 unclaimed $1K prizes at a stated 987/1 odds while there are 1866 $500 prizes at a stated 480/1 odds. What is going on here?

Also, to anyone who thinks that the big prizes come out better than the odds at the beginning of the game, take the new $10 Set for Life game, I have been watching it from the beginning and as of right now, by the odds of a ridiculous (over) 12,000/1 for the $1K prize, there should now be about 300 of the $1K prizes claimed and the last time I checked there were 4??????????????

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