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April 30, 2021, 8:51 amSinger Adele comments about taxes

Politically, she is a supporter of the Labour Party, saying in 2011 that she was a "Labour girl through and through", and in the same interview was critical of the Conservative Party.[229] Despite this declared political affiliation, Adele received backlash for her comments on paying taxes during a 2011 interview with Q magazine. She said, "I use the NHS, I can't use public transport any more, doing what I do, I went to state school, I'm mortified to have to pay 50 percent! Trains are always late, most state schools are sh!t and I've gotta give you like four million quid, are you having a laugh? When I got my tax bill in from 19 I was ready to go and buy a gun and randomly open fire."[230][231]


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April 29, 2021, 12:12 pmIf you see things as expensive now then wait until they are "free"

Even after the new money to Obamacare it is STILL not affordable.  Here if you make $51,000 per year it went down from $35,000 to $25,000 per year thus also increasing the fine to get off of it.  That is just plain malicious government and is twisted, wicked and evil!

I am just shuddering over all the new proposals.  Square pegs do not fit into round holes and one size does NOT fit all!

Just because it is titled "The Affordable Care Act" does not mean it is affordable.

Now they are proposing "Medicare for all" and I have no hope of that actually being affordable.

So, if you like all the new proposals such as child care and the rest then I say be careful what you wish for because once you get the actual details I'm virtually certain you wont like them.

I want my old affordable non-Cadillac health plan back but that aint never gonna happen.

All the new proposals are just more cruel sadism from wicked people.

BTW  Look at how they are handling the free childcare on our southern border.  The government childcare for your kids  may be even worse than that.

Lots of people have short memories and have to find things out the hard way while making everyone else suffer from their ignorance and stupidity while they learn.

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February 13, 2021, 11:18 pmBack to the 90's DC BS wise

Do you remember during the Clinton era when Clinton signed the trade deals and all our manufacturing jobs went away?

Does it not sound familiar when Biden says that he is getting rid of all the energy jobs?

Clinton said that everyone would get "new economy jobs"  Biden says "high paying green energy jobs"!

I am starting to hear that giant sucking sound again...does anyone remember Ross Perot?

Those high paying new jobs did materialize but NOT in the U.S. it was in Asia where the dirt  cheap labor and wide-open and highly polluting industrial processes are legal!

Does not a lot of this sound familiar from the last thirty years?

When are we going to get affordable health care?  That was supposed to be here 8 years ago and it still has not come!

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January 27, 2021, 12:21 pm#LynchMobNancy

You remember when president Trump was elected he let the country hang while he went on a vindictive rampage making sure that Hillary was tried and convicted of Treason and dereliction of duty?  That's why Hillary is now rotting away in a federal maximum security prison!

Well neither do I!

Were is my $2000 Check?  Where is my COVID shot? Where is the affordable healthcare that I was cheated out of 7 years ago?

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January 2, 2021, 8:05 pmSedition/Treason and BioTerrorism (How to rig an election?)


Could a longtime deeply rooted Washington swamp rat take bribes from a foreign power and eventually get elected as president during a bio-terror attack conducted by the country that is bribing them?

Bio Terrorism has been used before in attempts to influence elections.  Could it actually work one day with the help of a foreign nation??

If it happens will history repeat itself and will the FBI, Homeland security et al be slow to investigate???

We will see as it will probably be attempted again sometime.

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December 23, 2020, 10:43 pmNovember 2020 election did NOT inspire confidence

That election was such a mess and disaster we will never know what the actual and true result really was.

My confidence was NOT inspired before or after the election.

Before the election I got some calls from the 313 and 734 area codes that prompted me to look up the FBI fraud line and put the number in my wallet.  I have a very uneasy feeling that there were some shenanigans going on in Southeast Michigan.

In my precinct people were registering  and voting in line in front of me and I never saw any statistics on how many people registered and voted on election day nor have I seen anything that says our SOS has even looked into everyone who registered and voted within a week of the election let alone on election day.

This last election was run in the style of a Banana Republic and that is probably the direction this country is now headed in.

Some people have to learn their lessons the hard way.  I predict that when taxes go up people will wonder why their companies have no money to give them raises.  When personal taxes go up people will start complaining that they have less money and they are not getting raises.

Not only will taxes go up but energy prices are about to go way up.  When the energy prices go way up then the cost to transport the food will cause food inflation.

When all this starts bopping people over their heads some of them will wise up but others never will.

MR. J. Gruber appears to be right when he said the American people are too stupid to see what is being done to them.

We'll see.  I'm sure there was probably plenty of voting fraud going on but, of course, the problem is proving it.
If President Trump can prove it then all the idiotic tax and energy policies  will be put off for at least 4 years.

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November 10, 2020, 5:57 pmIs Joe Biden an Evil and Wicked Sadist?

Is Biden a Sadist or is he just ignorant and incompetent?

The affordable care act or "Obamacare"  is NOT, was NOT and NEVER will be affordable!!!

To millions of victims of Obamacare it is the biggest act of domestic terror ever perpetrated on the U.S.

Try Making $51,500 per year before any taxes and then be forced to pay $13,000 in premiums and then have to pay $22,000 more out of pocket before the plan even kicks in!

I had affordable healthcare and was told I could keep it!  If Obamacare actually lived up to its fraudulent advertising I would not be here screaming rape!

The Democrats knew how awful it is because they had to repeatedly lie to rape it into existence. (If you like your healthcare plan you can keep it!)

It was passed with only rapist (Democrat) votes and they had to have a fine to beat people into signing up for it.  If that isn't enough for you then consider that Obama himself never has to sign up for it and he gave the supreme court and congress special dispensation from it also.

Do any of you remember those ads that the Democrats ran of granny getting pushed off a cliff in a wheelchair?

Well that's  what Obamacare does to millions of its victims that it has terrorized over the years.

I know of someone who was getting $8,000 in subsidies and got a $3000 year end bonus from his employer.  That bonus pushed him over the Obamacare cliff and not only did he have to pay taxes on the $3000 but he had to pay back the $8,000 subsidy for an effective tax rate of about 300% !

On some exchanges there were no plans to sign up for so people could not sign up for any plan!

Then there were those stories that ran on CBS.  Since Obamacare was enacted many rural hospitals were forced to close.  Hospitals that could have saved peoples lives.  People in the rural areas were forced to buy healthcare that they did not have easy access to.  CBS pointed out that in one area, where there was a hospital that closed, someone needed healthcare and they were  hours away from the nearest open hospital.  They died enroute!

That only skims the surface on how terroristic Obamacare has been over the years!

I want my affordable, non Cadillac health plan back.

Healthcare may be "A" right but it is not "THE" right.

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October 27, 2020, 12:25 pmA reminder

Remember when the Democrats told us that if we liked our healthcare plans we could keep them and if we liked our doctors we could keep them and that all turned out to be a total lie?  Remember Obamacare was supposed to be affordable but that also turned out to be a total lie?

Now they are telling us that they won't ban fracking right away and they won't pack the supreme court!

Do you really believe them or are you going to act surprised when you cant afford gasoline or electricity when they rape their latest looting Marxist petard into existence?

Do you really believe that they won't pack the supreme court or are you going to act surprised when all your choice become "do it or else!"?

Obamacare may be the biggest act of domestic terror to date but you aint seen nothing yet if Biden gets in.

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October 23, 2020, 12:36 pmTrump and Biden

First off Biden has been in the swamp for 47 years and he knows how to properly deny something.

Biden threw up a bunch of red herrings when asked about taking foreign money.  Biden said he hasn't taken "one cent" of foreign money which of course would be true if he has taken more than one cent...three and half million dollars is not "one cent" and anything over "one cent" is not "one cent".  Of course if they paid him in foreign currency that wouldn't be "one cent" either.

He also didn't say that somebody else didn't take the foreign money and funnel it to him...if someone else funneled it to him then technically he didn't take it but someone else did. 

Biden did not issue a denial.

Further he mentioned a letter from 50 intelligence officials that said the story was Russian propaganda,
Biden did not mention that the officials stated  that they had no facts to back their assertion from the letter.

Biden has been in the swamp 47 years and he knows how to issue a proper denial and he has not issued one yet! Why?

Biden talked about police reform during his town hall and as he concluded he said he would do police reform by mandate!
Never mind if it doesn't apply to your department and it does not make sense!  DO IT Because I said so!
One size does not fit all..but Biden doesn't care if his mandates ruin anything!

If you vote for Biden you are voting for invasive, regressive and oppressive government.

The bottom line is that the Democrats want to take your money and tell you what to do.

President Trump did not say what he was going to do for the victims of Obamacare.  All I wanted to hear from him is that if you have been victimized by Obamacare for two or more years then the fine would be waived if you want to get off of it and go back to work and also I wanted to hear about a better health plan that was cheaper and allowed different  coverage choices.

I really am truly disappointed.  I can't vote for the Democrats because they are rapist looting dictators and the Republicans don't seem to want to do anything to alleviate the suffering from the Democrat terrorist attacks on American and Americans.

Now I really have to consider voting for the Libertarian because at least they want to leave everyone alone...sigh
Trump isn't doing anything to make escape from the Obamacare dictate any easier!

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October 8, 2020, 9:42 amTrump Rally tune

I just watched Mornings with Maria and saw her interview with the president and laughed because he is just getting over COVID and he is punching away full steam so I figured I would post a Trump Rally Tune -


Heres to you Joe "Simon Legree" Biden...

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October 6, 2020, 2:17 pmBiden Rally Tunes

I have heard the Trump Rally Tunes but nothing from Biden.  I know these two would be good rally tunes for Biden.



That should be a start.  Add any good ones you may have.

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September 29, 2020, 11:24 pmWhat a CrapFest

That was no debate that was a CrapFest.

Whoever hosted that "debate" should be investigated for some sort of fraud and the "moderator" should never be used in any national debate again because he did a really poor job.

There was no winner in that because it was a CrapFest instead of debate but  there certainly were many losers and those are all the people whose time the hosts wasted by perpetrating whatever kind of fraud that was!

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August 16, 2020, 8:42 pm2nd Covid check

As Ronald Reagan would say "There you go again"

Pelosi is Pounding the table and saying people will die if Trump doesn't bend over and pass her bloated and clunky looting and pilfering bill so that everyone can get their Covid checks.

This is the same demagoguery they used to rape us with Obamacare.

Next thing you Know she will be telling everyone that they have to pass her Covid bill to find out what is in it.

Yes, I could absolutely use the check.  Yes I want the check but if not getting the check means that the swamp is getting drained then I guess it is a small and painful price to pay to Drain The Swamp.

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August 13, 2020, 12:22 pmShowerheads and lightbulbs

More invasive and oppressive regulations from the lefty nutbags.  President Trump is right.  Enough is Enough!

Here, in our town, so much water has been unused because of unnecessary flow restricters that our reward has been increased water bills because we are using too little water for the fixed costs of operations...thus up go our rates.

We don't need the g0d d@maned lefty lunatics with their wicked, insane and oppressive regulations in our fvcking bathrooms.

I used to be able to take a shower in 10-12 minutes and now I am lucky if I can do it in less than 45.  Don't even get me started on dishwashers et al!

As for the CFLs, save your burned out bulbs and give them to someone who is going out to the west coast and let them throw them in any trash receptacle that they find out that-a-way...or maybe they might have fun smashing them on the streets during the rioting...they like that kind of thing on the left coast.

It's just more leftwing domestic terrorism and we will see worse if Biden gets elected.

One size does NOT fit all but if you believe that it does then I suggest you take your restricted flow shower heads and use them to restrict the flow of your anus.

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July 30, 2020, 2:42 pm$600 unemployment payment solution

I looked up the $600 bonus amount and it started 3/29 according what I googled.

That would be 19 weeks.

$600 * 19weeks = $11,400

Why not just take $11,400 * the number of people it was paid to and take the $1200 * the number of dead people it was sent to and pool all that money together and divide it by all the living people who are supposed to get the $1200 checks and pay the extra amount out to everyone who gets a $1200  check so everyone gets $1200 + the extra

would that get $200/ week extra to the people who are on unemployment while not punishing people who are actually working?

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