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July 30, 2020, 2:42 pm$600 unemployment payment solution

I looked up the $600 bonus amount and it started 3/29 according what I googled.

That would be 19 weeks.

$600 * 19weeks = $11,400

Why not just take $11,400 * the number of people it was paid to and take the $1200 * the number of dead people it was sent to and pool all that money together and divide it by all the living people who are supposed to get the $1200 checks and pay the extra amount out to everyone who gets a $1200  check so everyone gets $1200 + the extra

would that get $200/ week extra to the people who are on unemployment while not punishing people who are actually working?

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July 27, 2020, 6:34 pmCOVID/ Has anybody even asked?

I have been waiting for awhile for someone at a press conference to ask one important question.

If they have asked,  I have not seen it.

My question is this -

What is the overall death rate in the U.S. so far this year and how far off is it from the normal deviation for previous years?

If the death rate is deviating high then how much of that is actually due to COVID and how much is due to the rioting and shooting?

If the death rate is not that far off normal then why is the economy still shut down?

I understand COVID can be deadly but what is its real impact it has had on the overall U.S. death rate this year?

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July 23, 2020, 9:42 pmKalifornia Klux Klan

Guess who is on the 2005 California Quarter...


California Uber Alles

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July 7, 2020, 10:42 pmNot a paid actor

We are getting a lot of ads from  the AB Pac and on the screen they say 'Not a "PAID" actor'.

Do they mean that the person is an actor but they are not getting paid or do they mean that the person is not an actor but they are getting paid? I don't understand why they feel  the need for the qualifier "Paid".

Is this one of those things that depends on what "is" is?

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April 17, 2020, 12:53 pmMichigan Nursing Home Coronavirus Deaths

While I am stuck at home I thought I would start looking into some of the statistics here.  I noticed that Locally most of the deaths are at nursing homes so I tried to google the Michigan Nursing home statistics and came across this article -


I remember that years ago I was visiting someone in a nursing home and, unsolicited, one of the care aids came up to me and told me that Governor Granholm had just cut the budgets and staff at nursing homes to the legal bare minimum.  They further informed me that they couldn't give the person the care and attention they used to because Granholm was forcing them to operate with a bare minimum of staff.

As I was visiting I saw many shortcuts and it was not difficult to see how infections easily spread around nursing homes.  I noticed that the aids would not put covers on the catheter bags anymore and they would just clip them to the bottom of the wheel chairs and drag them on the ground.  I did Not wonder why so many of the residents suddenly got UTIs and it isn't hard to imagine the coronavirus ravaging these places either.

I really have no idea what has happened to funding since I was told that but I can't imagine that it went up in any way.

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March 10, 2020, 1:52 pmVoted Today

I had my choice of Republican or Democrat ballots.  There were no third party primaries here.

Wasn't much of a choice so I took the Democrat ballot and voted for Bernie Sanders.


You guessed it! Bernie is the only other candidate who wants to repeal and replace Obamacare.

In the fall, I hope we have our choice of two candidates who want to repeal and replace Obamacare.

President Trump got rid of the fine for not buying Obamacare but he did NOT get rid of the fine for
getting off Obamacare!  They call the fine for not buying a "tax" but they call the fine for getting off Obamacare "repaying the subsidy"
which is a euphemism for "oppressive fine".  How cruel, sick, twisted, wicked and sadistic is it?

For a lot of people who want to work and earn more money, the fine for getting off Obamacare is over $10,000!  Don't tell me that wasn't deliberately designed to be Oppressive and to keep people on Obamacare.

If they want to do a stimulus then how about getting rid of the fine for getting off Obamacare?  It would help a lot of people work and get off of Oppressive Obamacare altogether.

Or there is always the Nuclear option...Bernie.

Lets see if Bernie can make it on to the fall ballot.

Either way I won't be voting for a Democrat this fall. (Because of Obamacare)

Last Edited: March 10, 2020, 1:56 pm

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November 5, 2018, 4:23 pmHealth Care

Under Obamacare young people pay higher premiums so old people can pay lower premiums, that is how the democrats set it up.

After screwing the young people over they turned around and acted sympathetic towards them and the struggles the young are having paying off debts and establishing themselves.  How could they possibly be believed when they deliberately screwed them with Obamacare premiums?

Under Obamacare if you earn $50,000 per year you don't get any subsidies and thus you are liable for all your after tax income for healthcare costs!
How does this help the middle class?  Don't believe the democrats when they tell you they want to help the middle class.

Obamacare effectively pushed the young and the middle class off of a cliff (remember those ads the dems ran where granny got pushed of a cliff).

They showed granny getting pushed off a cliff and then turned around and pushed the young and the middle class off the cliff and they were also getting ready to push the unions off the cliff too but Trump saved the unions.

Remember the Cadillac tax that unions were supposed to pay on their health plans after Obama was out the door and down the road?

If Obamacare really is that great then why did they need the fine for people who didn't sign up for it?

The fine is tacit acknowledgement that Obamacare really is an awful and brutal policy.

If Obamacare is that great then how come Obama himself will never have to sign up for it?

If Obamacare is that great then how come the supreme court judges got bribed by never having to sign up for it?

If Obamacare is that great then how come congress got special dispensation from it?

Obamacare took all that taxpayer money and sent it to the healthcare companies and their stocks skyrocketed.  Look at how many of the people that worked on and enacted Obamacare then invested in those companies and made all that money off the taxpayers!

Obamacare was clearly meant to control and oppress the "deplorables" while enriching the ruling class and the elites.

The lawmakers are not subject to the law they made and to doubly screw the public the lawmakers are raking in bucket loads of taxpayer money by investing in the companies that they sent the taxpayer money to!!

Obamacare-Health care for nobody except the elites!

Obamacare-Freedom FROM Choice!

Last Edited: November 5, 2018, 5:35 pm

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December 26, 2017, 10:20 amThe Media

M is for Malicious
E is for Evil
D is for Divisive
I is for Ignorant
A is for Agitators

Put Malicious Evil Divisive Ignorant Agitators together and what do you get?

"Media" of course.

I didn't google this one.  If someone else thought of it first I don't care because that doesn't change how good it is.

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December 24, 2017, 2:06 pmMIPS (Subject lengthend by this otherwise it wont let me post)

I was out shopping and heard some guy parroting fake news as if it was real and the guy was physically anguished.  I personally cant believe how many people don't know they are being manipulated by fake news.

So, I thought I would coin a new term.

I called it "MIPS"  which is short for Media Induced Psychosis Syndrome.

To avoid it either don't watch any media "news"  or realize that what you are watching is propaganda and not news.

If you see something that upsets you it was probably designed to upset you to make you easier to manipulate.

A lot of the stuff out there is designed to get you to go against your own best interests.

Turn off the "news" and stop eating the propagandists shidt.

Happy Holidays and have a MIPS free New Year!

BTW the actual title of this blog entry is "MIPS".  I had to put the stuff in the parenthesis because the system would not allow me to post my entry otherwise.  I got the message  "You did not enter all of the required information:  Subject too short or does not contain words".

Last Edited: December 24, 2017, 2:08 pm

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November 24, 2017, 2:34 pmThe Body Count

Gee, the democrats seem to be touting the success of Obamacare by the number of signups or the "Body Count".

Why is it that when the democrats come up with really wicked, ignorant, malicious and awful ideas they always use "Body Count" as a measure of success?

LBJ and his idiotic war.

Obama and his idiotic war on the middle class.

Both about "Body Counts"

Nothing about the misery and destruction they cause!

The press won't talk about the evils of Obamacare because they are in the elitist rapist structure and they are sadistically enjoying the misery that Obamacare inflicts.

Drain the swamp, media and otherwise!!!

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October 26, 2017, 4:48 pmObamacare continues to Rape

The new information is out at healthcare.gov and I ran the info for my area and for someone making $50,000 per year they want $32,500 of that for healthcare in premiums and total out of pocket costs!  The G0<snip>ED democrats consider that affordable healthcare?

My personal premiums rocketed over 80% !

Obamacare has never been affordable for the middle class. Beware the democrat that tells you they want to help the middle class as they are the ones who want to eradicate it.

Trump said if he was elected we would be tired of winning...So when is the winning gonna start?

Obamacare repealed and replaced....Nope!
Tax code repealed and replaced...Nope!
There are a whole bunch of Nopes and I ask again...when is the winning gonna start??

BTW Be extra careful when you look at your plan if you have one because they do a lot to try to hide the total costs.

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October 16, 2017, 3:32 pmTaxes

This is an illustration of concepts so the numbers are close but not exact.

To start, the first 127,000 of your income has 12.4% taxes coming out of it (6.2% shown and 6.2% "Gruber") for SS.

Then you have got the other taxes which make the true brackets for taxes coming out of your income as approximately this

0-10,000 12.4%

10,000-20,000 22.4%

20,000-47,000 27.4%

47,000-102000 37.4%

102,000-127,000 40.4%

127,000-200,000 28%

200,000-417,000 33%

417,000-418,500 35%

418,500 on up 39.6%

That's the first part of the divisive and anti middle class Marxist mayhem.

With Obamacare the subsidies are gone at about $47,000 which is a major league kick in the pants.

Now you can see that, once again, the democrats are lying to you when they say they want to help the middle class.  With their scheming it makes it really hard on people who are struggling to succeed.  The donkey kicks you really hard under 127,000 per year because they hate the American middle class and they want to Oppress and destroy it. They lied about Obamacare and they are lying when they say they are for the middle class.  Don't sucker for more of their self-serving elitist lies!!!

Yes Obamacare needs to be repealed and replaced and so does social security.  We need something that lifts us up and not these Marxist programs which divide and oppress.

Don't let them victimize and bully you yet again.

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September 29, 2017, 4:12 pmSigh Sigh Sigh!!

Hopefully loot-o-theft-o-rape-o-care will get repealed and replaced soon but the current topic is taxes.

If the media reports are to be believed then there is some argument over state and local tax deductions with the fed income taxes.

The state and local tax deduction is a very Gruberesque swindle.

Either the people working on it are in on the scam or they really can't see what is going on!

The federal deductions for state and local taxes are, in fact, taxation without representation.

How you ask?

Here is a faithful representation of what is really going on and how the deduction is really a WMD (Weapon of Marxist Destruction).

It does leave out the details which get everyone bogged down so people like Gruber can swindle you but this is what is going on....

Just as an example lets say that the federal government needs to raise 1 trillion in income tax revenue per fiscal year.

To make it easy lets also assume a flat tax rate with deductions for state and local taxes.

If there were 10 trillion in income the rate would need to be 10%

But wait! Don't forget the state and local deductions.

Say California and New York, two high tax states, each account for 500 billion in income for a total of 1 Trillion dollars of income which would mean they would each have 50 billion overall tax bills for a total of 100 billion dollars.

Now suppose that they each exercise their state and local deductions so, as an example, it cuts their taxable income to 400 billion dollars each which would mean they each have to kick in 40 billion for a total of 80 billion in income tax.

Federal tax revenues are now 980 billion and are 20 billion dollars short!

So now the feds need to raise everybodys tax rate to get the 1 trillion dollars!!!

This siphons off income from people in the other 48 states and forces people in the other 48 states to pay taxes in jurisdictions that they have never heard of, will never go to and will never have representation in!!!

Once the people realize this they will be cutting the heads off of swindlers and dumping their blood in Boston Harbor in the Boston Gruberesque-swindling-fat-pig party.

Taxation without representation in America???  H3LL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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September 20, 2017, 5:29 pmNo Fake repeals!

The swamp should have the moral courage to fully repeal Obamacare.

It is malicious Marxist policy deliberately designed to harm people who are trying to claw their way to success which is why it was designed only for people who make either low income or for people who make over $425,000 per year while seriously penalizing the middle (as discussed previously).

It is just another piece of regressive and oppressive Marxist mayhem that the people-hating democrats forced on the public that the dems thought were "too stupid" to see what was really going on.

Social Security is also regressive and oppressive Marxist warfare on the people and SS should be repealed and replaced too!

It's time to take a pitchfork and stab the Marxists in the foot before they get it any further through the door to do more harm to people who just want to be left alone so they can mind their own business and take care of themselves without the government trying to keep them down and control them with Anti-American and Un American policies.

Hey Hey!  Ho Ho! Greedy Marxists have got to go!

Have the Moral Courage to do what you said you were going to do and don't do any fake repeals!

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July 27, 2017, 8:01 pmTaxes

Taxes and healthcare.

Obamacare put a 3.8% tax on rents.  Who do you suppose pays that 3.8%?

My Rent, when it goes up, had been going up $20/month per year.  After Obamacare kicked in we have been having large rent increases every year.

It went up $50 per month and has been going up $40 per month.

Why do suppose this is?

Who is paying that Obamacare tax on rents and the higher premiums for the apartment employees...I'll give you one guess and a hint...it aint the landlord.

Not only do the tenants have to pay the Obamacare tax but we also have to pay extra due to the increasing Health costs for the office and maintenance people.

On top of that the landlord has let go of 5 or 6 longtime employees to help keep costs down.  These people were replaced by lower cost part-time "babysitters".

The staff that has healthcare are complaining of pay cuts because of the higher out of pockets they have to pay on their now rotten health plans.

My neighbors are all complaining about the rent increases.

I now have a rotten health plan and Obscene rent increases.

I have never made anywhere near 200k or 250k yet I have to pay that 3.8%

If there is a big increase in rent next year because of Obamacare I may be homeless and Trump says he doesn't want to cut taxes for the rich!

Ha! Rich people don't pay taxes they just pass them on to everyone else!

Cut the taxes and dump Obamacare already as you promised!

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