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July 27, 2017, 8:01 pmTaxes

Taxes and healthcare.

Obamacare put a 3.8% tax on rents.  Who do you suppose pays that 3.8%?

My Rent, when it goes up, had been going up $20/month per year.  After Obamacare kicked in we have been having large rent increases every year.

It went up $50 per month and has been going up $40 per month.

Why do suppose this is?

Who is paying that Obamacare tax on rents and the higher premiums for the apartment employees...I'll give you one guess and a hint...it aint the landlord.

Not only do the tenants have to pay the Obamacare tax but we also have to pay extra due to the increasing Health costs for the office and maintenance people.

On top of that the landlord has let go of 5 or 6 longtime employees to help keep costs down.  These people were replaced by lower cost part-time "babysitters".

The staff that has healthcare are complaining of pay cuts because of the higher out of pockets they have to pay on their now rotten health plans.

My neighbors are all complaining about the rent increases.

I now have a rotten health plan and Obscene rent increases.

I have never made anywhere near 200k or 250k yet I have to pay that 3.8%

If there is a big increase in rent next year because of Obamacare I may be homeless and Trump says he doesn't want to cut taxes for the rich!

Ha! Rich people don't pay taxes they just pass them on to everyone else!

Cut the taxes and dump Obamacare already as you promised!

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July 18, 2017, 3:18 pmRepeal and Replace

Obamacare violates Americas founding principles, it abuses the American taxpayer and it abuses the American Middle Class.

If the recently pulled/failed bill did any of that than I can understand why it failed.

Let's not forget that when you work and someone else is entitled to all or part of your income  not only is it generally called slavery but now it is also called Obamacare.

Trump said that there was going to be so much winning that we would be tired of it.  Well, when is the winning going to start?

The sooner the invasive and oppressive abuse called Obamacare is over the better.

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June 25, 2017, 9:36 pmHealthcare

Here is how Obamacare works where I am -

If you earn below about $16,500 per year you get put on Medicaid.

If you earn about  $16,500 per year you get a fully subsidized policy

At $47,500 you pay full cost for the policy out of pocket.

This is the Percentage of your income you pay for your Obamacare policy at the following income levels

@  $16,500 per year you pay about 7.2%  of your income out of pocket for your healthcare

@  $47,500 per year you pay about 63% (yes that's Sixty Three percent!) of your income out of pocket for your healthcare

@  $100,000 per year you pay about 30% of your income out of pocket

@  $200,000 income per year you pay 15% of your income  out of pocket for your healthcare

@  $300,000 it's 10%

@ about $415,000 per year it is back to about 7.2% of your income for healthcare

@ over $415,000 per year you pay less than a fully subsidized policy out of pocket on a percentage of income basis.

Please tell me again how Obamacare is not a liberal elitist swindle that wasn't designed as another tool in the Marxist toolkit to eradicate and subjugate the American Middle class.

Clearly Obamacare is weaponized government designed to harm the middle class!

I'm waiting to see if this is going to be remedied or if it is going to be made worse.

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May 29, 2017, 8:58 pmIt's Science! Or is it Religion?

The anti carbon bigots are pounding the table so hard I am wondering if they are simply just zealots.

Does their CO2 analysis vs climate change include everything they don't know and didn't think of?

If they do know everything then the arguments should be calm and simple.

I have yet to see any convincing report or analysis that shows that the zealots do indeed know everything.

Could someone please point me to an analysis or report that truly shows that these scientists know everything?


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May 25, 2017, 1:01 pmA Long Time Ago in the U.S.

A long time ago in  the United States there was a group of people who were told that if they liked their homes they could keep their homes and  if they liked their land they could keep their land!

That didn't turn out to be true as they were ripped from their homes and land and they were escorted by U.S. troops on a death march out west.
Their homes and land went to other people and their young and there elderly died on the death march.

They were "given" new land out west and told 'here you go, now you can become the farmers you have always wanted to become'.

This, by the way, was done under the "auspices" of a Democrat president.

Does any of this sound remotely familiar?

Apparently it's ok to steal from and subjugate your neighbors while democrats are in office.

Those who forget history.....

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January 27, 2017, 2:43 pmAt the very least

Anyone born between 1 January 1954 and 31 December 1968 (50-64 Years old) who had their great health insurance ripped away from them by Obamacare should be permanently Grandfathered in on pre existing conditions.

I have had coverage virtually all my life and wasn't complaining and I was trying to mind my own business and not bother anyone when I got lied to and had my coverage ripped away.  I have developed conditions over the years while being  covered by my PRE Obamacare insurance.  I don't know how many people like me have NEVER had to pay for pre existing conditons on plans that they have had for years and developed the conditions  while being on the plans.

People 50 to 64 who had plans that they weren't paying pre existing condition premiums on should not, all of a sudden, have to pay for pre existing conditions because a bunch of bureaucrats decided to lie to them and cheat them.

This would apply to roughly 10 Million or so People who had their great insurance ripped away from them by a dictate that replaced their great insurance with expensive, unusable, high-deductible plans.

People this old should be Grandfathered because we don't have time to recover from Obamacare .

There may be some 65 year old  or older people who may not be able to go on Medicare and they should be considered too.

I should not even be having to discuss this in the first place because after at least 75 years of wanting to do healthcare, they should have come up with something way better!

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January 3, 2017, 1:15 pmInsult to Injury??

Well, now that the G*d D*amn Obamacare is going to get repealed the question is are we going to get insult added to injury?

I had my then current policy for 17 years before the G*d D*mn Dems lied to me and ripped it from me.

I should not have to pay for pre existing conditions as I don't have any  because anything I have now I got while I was insured before Obamacare.

People who had great plans ripped from them by the Motherf*cking Dems should be Grandfathered in and should Never have to pay for pre-existing conditions especially if, like me, they were insured for virtually all of their lives until the Dems lied and f*cked us over.

Yes it is a great thing that Obamacare is going but I just hope we don't get insult added to injury by having to pay for preexisting conditions that are NOT preexisting!

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December 12, 2016, 12:40 pmBachelors Degree in Pot Growing

Dude!  I hear the lab fees for CH 420 are totally worth it!!!


Maybe if you borrow money to get your degree all your student loans will be forgiven!!!

CH 420 Man!!!



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November 15, 2016, 2:53 pmRaise of Hands

How many people remember that Obama said that Trump is "more malleable" when Obama was asked about the 2016 election?

Also, I couldn't resist this pondering "what would Katie Couric and the mainstream media do?"


Last Edited: November 15, 2016, 2:59 pm

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November 9, 2016, 2:46 pmI'm Stunned

I am wondering how Angus King from Maine can represent his people effectively when he is either too lazy or too stupid to understand the issues!

I was flipping through the channels this morning and CNN had King on and King was talking about Trump and Obamacare and King said that he did not see any ideas from Trump other than buying insurance across state lines to which King said "you can already do that".

Well, It's true for the big insider elites who can do just about anything they want but the little people and small business can only buy insurance from within their own insurance districts in their own states!


Obamacare was passed in 2010 and King still does not know what's in it!

How can we have effective representation when the  representatives themselves don't know what's going on and don't even understand the laws that their own jurisdictions pass?


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November 7, 2016, 7:51 pmOh the Enormity!

The enormity of Obamacare is truly disgusting considering the Marxocrats had over 75 years to come up with a healthcare plan.

In that amount of time we all should now have a Cadillac plan for $250 per person per month and that should be it!

Instead the malicious Marxocrats lied to us and shoved an oppressive and sadistic system up our butts!

Clearly they were not out to do anything for the people rather they were out to do something TO the people.

Obamacare never was about helping anyone.  In fact Obamacare was designed to manipulate, interfere with and control our lives.

It was designed as part of a strategy to continue to eradicate the American middle class.

Remember that congress and the supreme court were not going to pass Obamacare until Obama told them that they would not have to sign up for it as originally planned.

Also, if Obamacare is so great how come Obama exempted himself from having to sign up?

The law is just for the little people aka the "deplorables" not for the lawmakers themselves because if it was such a great plan Obama himself would have been the first one to rush to sign up for it.

Obama knows how horrible it is and that is why he exempted himself from having to sign up for it.

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November 1, 2016, 3:21 pm104.2% Increase

I just looked at my health premium increase and it is 104.2%!  Yes, that is correct, One Hundred Four point Two Percent!

I also looked at subsidized vs non subsidized plans and found this -

A person making 47,600 gets no subsidy and has $32,000 in premiums and out of pocket for 2017

47,600 - 32000 = $15,600 net income for 2017

A person making 16,450 and getting a full subsidy has $2800  in premiums and out of pocket for 2017

16450 -2800 = $13,650 net income for 2017!

Your Mileage in your insurance district in your state will vary.

Talk about furthering the dems plans to eradicate the middle class!

First Clinton signs the trade deals and ships our jobs out of country and now Obama comes along with extremely oppressive government policy and smashes the middle class more.  We can't afford to find out how another Clinton is going to smash the American Middle class yet again!

Clearly the Dems want government of the people by the elite insiders for the elite insiders!

Oh and not to mention that my utility bills have more than doubled under Obama too.

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October 23, 2016, 10:26 amWell, I guess...

I have made my decision.

After all of Obamas lies (if you like your health plan you can keep it..et al) and after all of the screw ups (Not fixing the VA system, letting the head of BP USA off easy, EPA polluting the river in CO, telling Romney that the 80's called and they want their foreign policy back, being flexible for his buddy Putin, allowing Snowden to escape to Russia, the massive increase in violence in our big cities and all the others that are too numerous to list) I looked at how it impacted me.

Next I considered Hillary and she has plenty of bad ideas that will have tremendous negative consequences for us all if she is elected.

Next I looked at who supports Hillary and what she has done to us and the people that work/ed for her.

I decided we cant afford 4 more years of idiotic ideas, bumbling ninnies and bad policies.

Then I looked at the non establishment candidates.

Stein is basically a type of Communist.

Johnson would absolutely be a good choice in any other year but there is just too big of mess that needs cleaning up to vote for him this time.

Then there is Trump.

I looked at some of his advisers and their ideas for economic and other policies.

I now pondered how to say this and decided to say it in Leftanese -

And my vote goes to.....


Translated back into English- I am not voting for or against anyone rather I am voting for better government policy.

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October 20, 2016, 1:48 pmThe choice

The choice of this election, despite all the noise and misdirection, is whether you want to continue to feel the jack boot of Marxist Oppression on your neck or whether you want to keep your rights and liberties.

One day I was minding my own business and had a great health plan and was told not to worry that I could keep it.  Later on I found out that the dictatorial Marxist oppressors were lying to me and I had my great plan, the one I had for over 16 years, stolen from me.

Now I'm being asked to vote for the same dictatorial Marxist oppressors that lied to me and defrauded me!

After more than 75 years of planning, Obamacare is the best they could come up with?

They certainly could have helped the people that need help and left the rest of us alone but being the wicked and malicious dictatorial oppressors they are, they couldn't allow themselves to do that.

I could parse everything the Marxist dictator said in the debate last night but instead I will point out this example so that you may see how to parse it yourself.

Hillary, the Marxist dictator, said her economic plan would not increase the deficit by one penny, "not one penny"  while technically that is true it is substantively not true as it is a typical Clintonian misdirection.  She did not tell you what her plan would do rather she told you very specifically what it would not do.  If her plan raises the deficit by 72 Trillion dollars that isn't "one penny" is it?

Go ahead and parse her answers yourself and watch how vague or specific she is on the details and whether she  says it will or wont do something and you will find all her twisted lies.

The people who had over 75 years to come up with a great healthcare plan yet phuked it up anway are not going to be the ones that can fix the mess that they themselves created.

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October 19, 2016, 6:17 pmObama and believablility

Read this and decide for yourself whether Obama et al committed fraud when they forced the ACA (Obamacare) on us -


Hillary said she wants to be an extension of Obamas presidency!

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