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June 13, 2015, 7:54 pmWhy Mayberry was so peaceful

It just dawned on me why Mayberry was so peaceful and quiet....nobody was married.

Here are the single people that come to mind: Andy, Aunt Bea, Barney, Floyd, Howard, Goober, Gomer, Sam, Ernest T Bass, the Darlin family, Helen, Thelma Lou, Clara...

In fact, the only one married was Otis and he stayed drunk.

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March 26, 2015, 12:41 amMarch 25

Today is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day!

Have fun!

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March 19, 2015, 12:42 amHealthcare in America

Health Care In America

Two patients limp into two different doctors'
offices with the same complaint: Both have trouble
walking and may require hip surgery. Patient #1 is
examined within the hour, is x-rayed the same day and
has a time booked for surgery the following week.
Patient #2. sees his family doctor after waiting 3 weeks
for an appointment, then waits 8 weeks to see a specialist,
then gets an x-ray, which isn't reviewed for
another week and finally has his surgery scheduled for
3 months from then, pending the review boards decision
on his age and remaining value to society. Why
the different treatment for the 2 patients? The FIRST
is a dog taken to a vet. The SECOND is a poor sap
with Obama Care.

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March 18, 2015, 8:30 pmTop 10 Reasons to Vote Democrat


#10.  I vote Democrat because I love the fact that I can now  marry
whatever I want. I've decided to marry my German Shepherd. 

#9.  I vote Democrat because I believe oil companies' profits of  4% on
a gallon of gas are obscene, but the government taxing the same  gallon
at 15% isn't. 

#8.  I vote Democrat because I believe the government will do a  better
job of spending the money I earn than I would. 

#7.  I vote Democrat because Freedom of Speech is fine as long as  nobody
is offended by it. 

#6.  I vote Democrat because I'm way too irresponsible to own a  gun,
and I know that my local police are all I need to protect me from  murderers
and thieves.  I am also thankful that we have a 911 service  that
gets police to your home in order to identify your body after a home 

#5.  I vote Democrat because I'm not concerned about millions of  babies
being aborted so long as we keep all death row inmates alive and  comfy.

#4.  I vote Democrat because I think illegal aliens have a right  to
free health care, education, and Social Security benefits, and we  should
take away Social Security from those who paid into it. 

#3. I vote Democrat because I believe that businesses should not  be
allowed to make profits for themselves.  They need to break even and  give
the rest away to the government for redistribution as the Democrat  Party
sees fit. 

#2.  I vote Democrat because I believe liberal judges need to  rewrite
the Constitution every few days to suit fringe kooks who would  never
get their agendas past the voters. 

... And, the #1 reason I vote Democrat is because I think it's  better
to pay $billions$ for oil to people who hate us, but not drill our  own
because it might upset some endangered beetle, gopher, or fish here  in
America.  We don't care about the beetles, gophers, or fish in those  other

"The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has  its
limits"... Albert Einstein 

I know you all will appreciate this definition.  The best  description of Obamacare so far:

Remember when Nancy Pelosi said:   "We have to pass it, to find out what's in it." 

A physician called into a radio show and said: "That's the  definition
of a stool sample."

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March 12, 2015, 11:20 amSweet and thoughtful Irishman

Sweet and Thoughtful Irishman

A thoughtful Irish husband was putting his coat and hat on to make his way

down to the local pub, he turned to his wee wife before leaving and said:

"Maggie, put your hat and coat on lassie".

She replied: "Awe Jock that's nice - are you taking me to the pub with you?"

"Nay, Jock replied...I'm turning the heat off while I'm out!"

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March 9, 2015, 12:12 amThat name again

Not lottery, but golly, read on.....

CARBONDALE - John Wayne Kyles spent two years in one of Southern Illinois's most notorious prisons, but even that didn't prepare him for life as he describes it at Americas Best Value Inn and Suites in Carbondale.

In 2004, Kyles, originally of Cairo, pleaded guilty to a felony charge of aggravated robbery in Jackson County. Upon his discharge from Menard Correctional Center in 2006, Kyles said he moved in with his then-girlfriend. But after the two split, Kyles said he was desperate for a place to live and work.

Kyles said he found both at the Econo Lodge Inn and Suites on East Main Street. He made minimum wage doing maintenance work there, he said, but he was eventually fired. (Kyles did not say why he was dismissed). Even though Kyles said the neighboring hotel owners were relatives, Kyles said he found a second chance for employment and housing across the street at Americas Best, owned by hotelier Nirav Patel, who also goes by the first name Neal.


(Lengthy, not a nice guy, the hotel owner, he paid the guy $10 a day, no breaks, days off, etc...)

Last Edited: March 9, 2015, 12:18 am

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March 7, 2015, 7:20 pmThought for the day

Bruce Jenner had never had an automobile accident until he became a woman driver.

Ut oh

Last Edited: March 7, 2015, 7:20 pm

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March 1, 2015, 5:28 pmBruce Jenner to donate to obama

Jenner to donate balls to Obama?

Breaking News - Bruce Jenner Transition Fires New Speculation

Wash. DC - Over the past year a rash of news stories surfaced speculating whether gold-medal winning Olympic decathlete Bruce Jenner was undergoing a gender transition from male to female. Though Jenner has yet to publicly confirm the story, members of his extended family, including the Kardashian clan, have recently approached various news outlets confirming Jenner's intentions.

Now it appears a number of world leaders have picked up on the story and are wondering aloud "What will happen to Jenner's balls if he completes the transition?" Sources this week quoted Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu as suggesting it would be a monumental step if Jenner were to donate his balls to U.S. President Barack Obama. Netanyahu stated "Everyone knows Obama has no balls and it would be <snip> nice if he suddenly had Olympic sized balls. It would be a huge step forward for world peace.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel remarked " I don't even have any balls, but everyone tells me I have a bigger set than Obama. I think it would be a great idea.

On the other hand, Russian President Vladimir Putin joined Syrian President Bashar Assad in proclaiming that Obama's lack of balls has finally enabled a number of regimes worldwide a fair chance to consolidate their power. Putin, on a shirtless fly fishing expedition in Kanchatka, said "The days of U.S. Presidents with big balls like Reagan are over. Now it's our turn.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani remarked earlier in the week that "It's been great the last six years. It's like playing soccer against the U.S. with no goalie in their net

While world leaders debate the issue, closer to home New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick and Super Bowl MVP quarterback Tom Brady stepped forward to say they would each donate one ball to the President if Jenner does not come through. Belichick, however, cautioned that "The President would have to understand, our balls would be underinflated, but still probably an improvement over what he seems to be working with."

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February 22, 2015, 12:25 amShort Walk At the White House

Be sure to watch all the way to the end. It's a short video showing a suggested walk for President Obama.  Well worth watching. .


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February 19, 2015, 5:23 pmPay comparisons

Joe Legal works in construction, has a Social Security Number and makes $25.00 per hour with taxes deducted.

Jose Illegal also works in construction, has NO Soc...ial Security Number, and gets paid $15.00 cash "under the table".

Ready? Now pay attention....

Joe Legal: $25.00 per hour x 40 hours = $1000.00 per week, or $52,000.00 per year. Now take 30% away for state and federal tax; Joe Legal now has $31,231.00.

Jose Illegal: $15.00 per hour x 40 hours = $600.00 per week, or $31,200.0 0 per year. Jose Illegal pays no taxes. Jose Illegal now has $31,200.00.

Joe Legal pays medical and dental insurance with limited coverage for his family at $600.00 per month, or $7,200.00 per year. Joe Legal now has $24,031.00.

Jose Illegal has full medical and dental coverage through the state and local clinics and emergency hospitals at a cost of $0.00 per year. Jose Illegal still has $31,200.00.

Joe Legal makes too much money and is not eligible for food stamps or welfare. Joe Legal pays $500.00 per month for food, or $6,000.00 per year. Joe Legal now has $18,031.00.

Jose Illegal has no documented income and is eligible for food stamps, WIC and welfare. Jose Illegal still has $31,200.00.

Joe Legal pays rent of $1,200.00 per month, or $14,400.00 per year. Joe Legal now has 9,631 ..00.

Jose Illegal receives a $500.00 per month Federal Rent Subsidy. Jose Illegal pays out that $500.00 per month, or $6,000.00 per year. Jose Illegal still has $ 31,200.00.

Joe Legal pays $200.00 per month, or $2,400.00 for car insurance. Some of that is uninsured motorist insurance. Joe Legal now has $7,231.00.

Jose Illegal says, "We don't need no stinkin' insurance!" and still has $31,200.00.

Joe Legal has to make his $7,231.00 stretch to pay utilities, gasoline, etc..

Jose Illegal has to make his $31,200.00 stretch to pay utilities, gasoline, and what he sends out of the country every month..

Joe Legal now works overtime on Saturdays or gets a part time job after work.

Jose Illegal has nights and weekends off to enjoy with his family.

Joe Legal's and Jose Illegal's children both attend the same elementary school.

Joe Legal pays for his children's lunches, while

Jose Illegal's children get a government sponsored lunch.

Jose Illegal's children have an after school ESL program.

Joe Legal's children go home.

Now, when they reach college age,

Joe Legal's kids may not get into a State School and may not qualify for scholarships, grants or other tuition help, even though Joe has been paying for State Schools through his taxes, while

Jose Illegal's kids "go to the head of the class" because they are a minority.

Joe Legal and Jose Illegal both enjoy the same police and fire services, but Joe paid for them and Jose did not pay.

Do you get it, now?

If you vote for or support any politician that supports illegal aliens... You are part of the problem!

We need to keep this going--we need to make changes ASAP!

It's way PAST time to take a stand for America and Americans!

What are you waiting for? Pass it on.

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February 17, 2015, 7:16 pmHome security

I've disconnected my home alarm system and de-registered from the Neighborhood Watch.

I've got two Pakistani flags raised in the front  yard, one at each corner, and the black flag of
ISIS  in the  center.

The local police, sheriff, FBI, CIA, NSA, Homeland Security, Secret Service and other agencies
are all watching the house 24/7.

I've never felt safer and I'm saving $49.95 a month

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February 15, 2015, 4:51 pmTo the shores of Tripoli, the rest of the story

This is worth the time it takes to read. WOW! We have all probably heard of the Halls of Montezuma. Now, the rest of the story!

Why the Marine Hymn contains the verse "to the shores of Tripoli"

Muslim pirates of the past:  Most Americans are unaware of the fact that over two hundred years ago, the United States had declared war on Islam, and Thomas Jefferson led the charge!

At the height of the eighteenth century, Muslim pirates were the terror of the Mediterranean and a large area of the North Atlantic.  They attacked every ship in sight, and held the crews for exorbitant ransoms.  Those taken hostage were subjected to barbaric treatment and wrote heart breaking letters home, begging their government and family members to pay whatever their Mohammedan captors demanded.

These extortionists of the high seas represented the Islamic nations of Tripoli, Tunis, Morocco, and Algiers � collectively referred to as the Barbary Coast � and presented a dangerous and unprovoked threat to the new American Republic.

Before the Revolutionary War, U.S. merchant ships had been under the protection of Great Britain.  When the U.S. declared its independence and entered into war, the ships of the United States were protected by France.  However, once the war was won, America had to protect its own fleets.  Thus, the birth of the U.S. Navy.

Beginning in 1784, seventeen years before he would become president, Thomas Jefferson became America's Minister to France.  That same year, the U.S. Congress sought to appease its Muslim adversaries by following in the footsteps of European nations who paid bribes to the Barbary States, rather than engaging them in war.

In July of 1785, Algerian pirates captured American ships, and the Dye of Algiers demanded an unheard-of ransom of $60,000.  It was a plain and simple case of extortion, and Thomas Jefferson was vehemently opposed to any further payments.  Instead, he proposed to Congress the formation of a coalition of allied nations who together could force the Islamic states into peace.  A disinterested Congress decided to pay the ransom.

In 1786, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams met with Tripoli's ambassador to Great Britain to ask by what right his nation attacked American ships and enslaved American citizens, and why Muslims held so much hostility towards America, a nation with which they had no previous contacts The two future presidents reported that Ambassador Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja had answered that Islam "was founded on the Laws of their Prophet, that it was written in their Quran, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as Prisoners, and that every Musselman (Muslim) who should be slain in Battle was sure to go to Paradise."

Despite of this stunning admission of premeditated violence on non-Muslim nations, as well as the objections of many notable American leaders, including George Washington, who warned that caving in was both wrong and would only further embolden the enemy, for the following fifteen years, the American government paid the Muslims millions of dollars for the safe passage of American ships or the return of American hostages. The payments in ransom and tribute amounted to over twenty percent of the United States government annual revenues in 1800.

Jefferson was disgusted.  Shortly after his being sworn in as the third President of the United States in 1801, the Pasha of Tripoli sent him a note demanding the immediate payment of $225,000 plus $25,000 a year for every year forthcoming.  That changed everything.

Jefferson let the Pasha know, in no uncertain terms, what he could do with his demand.  The Pasha responded by cutting down the flagpole at the American consulate and declared war on the United States.  Tunis, Morocco, and Algiers immediately followed suit.  Jefferson, until now, had been against America raising a naval force for anything beyond coastal defense, but having watched his nation be cowed by Islamic thuggery for long enough, decided that is was finally time to meet force with force.

He dispatched a squadron of frigates to the Mediterranean and taught the Muslim nations of the Barbary Coast a lesson he hoped they would never forget.  Congress authorized Jefferson to empower U.S. ships to seize all vessels and goods of the Pasha of Tripoli and to "cause to be done all other acts of precaution or hostility as the state of war would justify".

When Algiers and Tunis, who were both accustomed to American cowardice and acquiescence, saw the newly independent United States had both the will and the might to strike back, they quickly abandoned their allegiance to Tripoli.  The war with Tripoli lasted for four more years, and raged up again in 1815.  The bravery of the U.S. Marine Corps in these wars led to the line "to the shores of Tripoli" in the Marine Hymn, and they would forever be known as "leathernecks" for the leather collars of their uniforms, designed to prevent their heads from being cut off by the Muslim scimitars when boarding enemy ships.

Islam, and what its Barbary followers justified doing in the name of their prophet and their god, disturbed Jefferson quite deeply. America had a tradition of religious tolerance, the fact that Jefferson, himself, had co-authored the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom, but fundamentalist Islam was like no other religion the world had ever seen.  A religion based on supremacism, whose holy book not only condoned but mandated violence against unbelievers was unacceptable to him.  His greatest fear was that someday this brand of
Islam would return and pose an even greater threat to the United States.

This should bother every American.  That Muslims have brought about women-only classes and swimming times at taxpayer-funded universities and public pools; that Christians, Jews, and Hindus have been banned from serving on juries where Muslim defendants are being judged, Piggy banks and Porky Pig tissue dispensers have been banned from workplaces because they offend Islamist sensibilities.

Ice cream has been discontinued at certain Burger King locations because the picture on the wrapper looks similar to the Arabic script for Allah, public schools are pulling pork from their menus, on and on in the newspapers....

It's death by a thousand cuts, or inch-by-inch as some refer to it, and most Americans have no idea that this battle is being waged every day across America.  By not fighting back, by allowing groups to obfuscate what is really happening, and not insisting that the Islamists adapt to our own culture, the United States is cutting its own throat with a politically correct knife, and helping to further the Islamists agenda. Sadly, it appears that today's America would rather be politically correct than victorious.

Any doubts, just Google Thomas Jefferson vs the Muslim World.

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February 8, 2015, 10:20 pmFrom Vernon Howard

Vernon Howard's

"Hell consists of being a wrong person who angrily and hatefully
tries to prove that he is a right person. This will become clearer
as you imagine a man frantically trying to prove to others that
nighttime is daytime."

A Treasury of Trueness, # 1416

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February 5, 2015, 8:57 pmAdmiral: muslim brotherhood has penetrated NSA's ...

...under obama

Worth the time to watch....it sorta fills in the blanks.  Dated 2/4/2015


Last Edited: February 5, 2015, 10:30 pm

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January 31, 2015, 12:53 amThings I trust more than obama

Things I Trust More Than Obama

Mexican tap water

A porcupine with a 'pet me' sign

The idea of Guam capsizing         

Bill Clinton in a cigar store

Mary Landrieu

An elevator ride with Ray Rice

Taking pills offered by Bill Cosby

A Bigfoot sighting

A Palestinian on a motorcycle

A Hillary Clinton war story

Gas station sushi

Jimmy Carter

Last Edited: January 31, 2015, 1:12 am

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