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CDN Lotto 649 Jackpot at $22 Million

The Lotto 649 jackpot is estimated at $22 million for the Sept 13 draw. We will play a total of 7 Lotto 649 tickets and 2 Encore tickets.

Group A
Group A will buy 5 tickets using tickets numbered 761 to 765 from the preselected list. The group is currently at the limit of allowed shares at 46.

Group B
Group B will redeem the 2 free Lotto 649 tickets with Encore from the August 12 draw. There are 25 shares in the group. The group is currently oversubscribed by two shares. The jackpot for the last two draws were much larger than normal and 2 extra shares were added to the group. The number of shares will be reduced to 23 after the Sept 13 draw unless it rolls again.

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