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January 19, 2011, 10:30 pm...And the beat goes on

Still getting no computer time, lucky for ne I've got computer buddie with fancy camera phone, and funny gimp     ....here's a 3 outta 5  in every play,  I'll explain how that happened later ....The hi-lite featute is fun on gimp  that's the first pic      it won $18 bucks with all that Tn. paramutual stuff 

   The second pic     .....is another 4 outta 5  but this time, with that new Cash ball    stuff on line on line E

               some of the othe plays were 3 outta 5  that one won           $5   -  $5  - free ticket -  and -$120

I wish in dream world, I could flip some of that 19 on ticket two, ... into a 16   for $300,000

The winning numbers for Ticket 1   Top

               4 -7- 25- 27- 28-   (3) 

The winning numbers for Ticket two 

5- 9-16- 29-35    (5)

  Thank's for Lottery post  ...........and thanks to Computer buddie's with new cameras

          trying to hang in there..be back soon




Entry #29
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February 17, 2010, 8:32 pmJoin the Club x1kosmic ...Pick 5

Like I was saying,  I'm getting about Zero Computer Time Lately

 but I got a chance over at my friends house to Pop In for a quick snit,

    As a Few people know .....I like to Partial Q-Pick,  alot

           and Monday  the 15th   I was Voting for a number ending in   4   or  6   (or both)

so in the First play  I went with  4  and   36  .....and Quick- Pick  the rest

   it gave me a few more numbers  and I got a 4 outta 5 

        Here's my souvenir:



Entry #28
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January 21, 2010, 12:00 pmNo More Lottery for x1kosmic?

Well,  Not quite

   There seems to be a little trend sweeping the Country, where these Companies

don't want their Employees doing Personal stuff at work,  ....and like probably a few people

here,  I do most of my stuff on the work Computer,  as my Home PC is Very Old.

   So the "Real World"  has caught-up to kosmic in a way,  as my Company has joined the Trend.

I'm  not leaving Lottery Post,  and I'm still going to play Powerball,  but my visits will be few and far between,  untill I get a New Computer.

   I'll have to save up for a while,  and mabey get one of these cheap Lap-Tops that every one is selling kinda cheap right now.

    I'll miss the daily banter that goes on around here for a while (I already miss it),

        but I'll be checking in from time to time, like if I'm at a friends house or something

  untill I get my own computer.

     I've had computers in the past, and thy're pretty much like Lego's

you jst snap them together with what you want (Mother-Boards,  sound cards,  cpu's) etc.

     I'll Miss the daily check-in,  and I almost have gotten to the point, that I can't play PB right

without those Test Numbers,   ........and just when everyone is getting Mega Millions and Powerball

   I'm    "kicked -off" the computer       .............anyway  I'll be checking in from Time-to time

            Carry on Pumpi    ....and like Frosty the Snowman says

I'll be back again Someday                                                                            kosmic

Entry #27
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July 13, 2009, 4:36 pmPower Ball.. grasping at straws

Since the Matrix Change, Jan. 7th

1-14-09 Test Draw 1:  7-47-31-18-57- (7)   Power Ball in the white balls, far left,  didn't go in next Draw.

1-14-09 Test Draw 3:  3-23-55-8-30-  (23)    Power Ball actually does go next draw, (not exactly far left) 23  (in the white balls)

1-28-09 Test Draw 1:  39-23-55-59-28-  (39)  Doesn't go next Draw,  (far left) 39

1-31-09 Test Draw 5:  59-22-8-42-6-(6)   touching on the far right,  didn't go next, (but a secret later) 6

2-14-09 Test Draw   :  6-51-29-11-2-(6)   didn't go next Draw,  (far left)   (sorry for no draw number) 6

3-18-09 Test Draw 1:  15-42-40-48-23-(15)  15 didn't go next draw,  (far left)   15

4-1-09   Test Draw 5:  36-13-56-5-54-(36)    didn't go next draw,  (far left)  36

4-8-09  Test Draw  2:  36-52-23-34-46-(23)  (not far left)  but still doesn't go next draw  23

5-09-09  Test Draw 5:  49-14-12-55-38-(12) (not far left)  but still won't go to the next Draw  12

5-23-09  Test Draw 3:   6-52-33-3-29- (3)    (not far left)  still wont go to the next Draw   3  (but a multiple of 3 goes in the next draw in the form of  6  and 12.

6-03-09  Test Draw 4:  22-38-01-55-26-(22)   (far left)  22 doesn't go next Draw

6-13-09  Test Draw5:   33-57-51-02-05- (05)   it finally goes to the next Draw, and it's not far left, it's touching on the far right   05

6-24-09  Test Draw 3:  45-7-48-26-9-( 09)    it doesn't go to the next Draw, but waits and skips a Draw and then goes two times in the form of a Repeat.  (Far Right Touching by the way)  09

7-1-09  Test Draw 5:  7-16-37-22-29-(7)   (far left)  doesn't go to the next Draw  7

7-04-09  Test Draw 3:  8-32-42-6-33- (8)   (far left)  doesn't go to the next Draw  8

7-11-09  Test Draw 3:  33-36-50-49-16- (33)  far left             .......will it go wednesday??

It seems to me that if a number is in the white balls and the Power Ball on the same line, from the previous Test Draws,    and to the Far Right, "Touching" the PB  it's got a better chance than on the far left

All this is just speculation, and funny little observations,

                          At least I try     (to observe)                                                                  x1kosmic

Entry #26
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November 17, 2008, 4:50 pmHard to write Blog

 I'm very sorry to say,  that I lost my Mother to Cancer last week on the 10th,

   She had been going through treatment since, Febuaruy.  It's a hard thing to do, lose your Mother.

The traetment (chemo and radiation)  made her very sick, but she pulled through, and for about 3 or 4 months, she seemed better,   almost back to normal,  (just with no hair).

  But the doctors had warned me that when the cancer comes back..... it will be fast and strong.

She was a good lady and lived a good life,  and I was so proud of the way she pulled through for a while.

  I was with her most of the time, and went by and checked on her every day.

       For anyone thats ever been through anything like this,  I most assuredly feel your pain.

               God bless my Mom,   and thank you God for not letting her suffer too much.

    I'll be keeping my chin up and carring on.                                                 x1kosmic

Entry #25
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September 18, 2008, 4:37 pmPB Slapped around again

  Well,   I did o.k. I guess last night,  no wins though.

Somehow,  I'd  decided on 12 or 13 as the first number,     I also decided for one reason or another,

     26  was a must.    I was also thinking  20's grouping or teens grouping,     So.......in about 4 plays I had 

    12 and 26,  and grouped 26, with 20   24  21  (no 23)  and a couple of 40's at the end  (no 3 outta 5 there)

  In another play I had the 26 with a 44  but low and behold I had the 13 ( no 3 outta 5 there either) instead of the 12.

I don't complain too much, and just kinda take it as it is,  but even a stray dog can get a bone every now and then.

Kinda like a few draws ago..... I put 19 as the powerball( in one of those rare occasions that I don't Q-pick that part, ) in every play.   What hit?  18      I thought abuot the 20 last night, but was still a little gun-shy.


         By the way... 'preciate all the nice comments from last Blog Entry.

On-ward  to Saturday                                                                                                See ya next time

Entry #24
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June 20, 2008, 12:58 pmPB Red

Did anyone notice that the Red Powerball had stayed on a single digit 5 or 6 times in a row, a couple of draws ago?        I sure did. Mabey that was some kind of a record or something.

  Anyway, after six times I was thinking not again, so I was thinking, Come on Home, to safe and secure,  good 'ole fashioned, comfort zone number 14,  and to my surprise thats what it did. (I usually quick-pick the red one),      And I only picked it once,    so I broke my little rule of, if I pick one, do it in every play. ( The Jarasan way).

   Last draw, I did Q-pick them all, (6 or seven plays) and got the 32 with a 12.   

Crazyest thing though..... I wanted 11 to repeat, but it was the 9, and one of those wacky deals where 2 numbers  repeated.       

For Sat. 21st  in the Red Section  I'm thinking mabey perhaps a 40 number for the Red one, and lucky me, there's only 3 to choose from. 

              For the white ones I'm thinking  I'll probably go with a 20's grouping  or a forty's grouping,  and as crazy as it sounds       ......I'm gonna give 9 a chance to  go again in mabey 1 play,   and  11 to make a skip hit, comeback.                                                          I also think number 47 is on the way soon.

                               Just visiting my blog....                                               ....later, kosmic

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January 9, 2008, 5:53 pmPowerball

I haven't visited this area, in quite a while,  And I probably should post a little more since we're a little less busy at work....... anyway,

  Something I was kinda snipping around  with, was kinda interesting.  I was looking at groupings, and I kinda noticed, that in the Month of January......

      It 'seems' like there might be more 50's groupings, than one would expect,  I know they don't hit that often,  but  I was toying around in my head the idea that when the Tempurature, goes down-(low digits)  you know.... kinda cold, then the numbers go up, (50's).

 2006 had more 50's groupings in Jan.  and so did 2007 (compared to the rest of the year)

 I'm not saying thats the way it'll be,  but something to think about..... at least I'll be. (trying to think, that is)

  Let's just see how Jan. goes,  and if I spot anymore crazyness,  Ya'll will be the first to know.

In case anyone was wondering,  a 50's grouping, means more than one 50 number at the end of your play                                                                                            .............Good Luck, and have fun


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September 5, 2007, 3:59 pmPowerball

Where's kosmic been lately?  Hey..... who cares in a way,

Busy at work, and no computer time lately.

I've had a few mini hits lately, and a 3 out of 5 acouple of draws ago.

Anyway enough about kosmic ..... Let's get to the fun stuff.

          4        8        27            38              40

          2        9        28            30              47

          3        10        24            32              42

    pick one  pick one pick one pick one    pick one


mix and match or mabey pick one from each column and end up with 5 white balls...............the above is only $1 dollar


here's some more:

        2    20  29  41  43

        8    22  27  48  47              end up with 5 numbers

        9    21  24  49  42         


1 23 25 40 45

4 24 28 42 47                            get 5 numbers

2 27 27 46 46

some may hit....... none may hit,        Thanks for visitingCool

Entry #21
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June 11, 2007, 8:34 amPower Ball... whoops

Instead of my usual four or five plays and say yes to powerplay, I went with ten plays and said no, for the first time in two months.

                Heres what happened

On the first five play ticket:

  10 and 25 together, 

        10 and 41 together,

          25 and 41 together,

      41 by itself,

              25 and 41 together again,

                                  On the other ticket:

            Red ball 22 by itself

                    32 by itself

                        25 by itself

 I've got a funny habit sometimes that if I even think about the red ball, I'll go crazy and pick it in every play,  Should've    ....  "gone crazy"  I guess.

    Shoulda.. Woulda... Coulda...  I guess thats why we like this game.

I threw a $3dollar pack of chicken wings on the grill.



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June 4, 2007, 1:34 pmkosmic's korner


It's been a while since kosmic's had a little minor win, (the end of April)

I got 22 Sat,  so.....

The weathers getting warmer, mabey that's a good sign.

Of most of the luck I've had, which, hasn't been much lately it was with that little deal I do, sometimes,

 with partial quick-picking 

Ya'll remember that don't you?    I want luck,  I want a little random sometimes,  Luck being the oppertune word in any thing I do.

I'll be back but, I think i'll kinda lay low for a minute


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May 25, 2007, 4:57 pmkosmic's korner pb

Consider the number 10

or mabey something to do with 10,  (like 20 -30- 40- 50)

in your white balls.

.......I think


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May 15, 2007, 11:38 ampowerball ...lately?

Expect the unexpected, lately, I guess.

Two repeating numbers......every number above the half-way split,.......51 and 53 came to a split decision off the 52 from the previous draw.

I don't know,  I played it kinda wacky myself having 20 as my lowest number, and I caught 30 44 46 and 53  in different plays (4 plays).

I'll be off the computer after today,  until mabey Sun. or Mon.    .....I've got to take a few vacation days and go work at the biggest B-B-Que contest in the world for a few days.  I've been doing that for years...... it's a nice get-away from work for a minute........but sometimes pure hell for what i do down there.      (Memphis in May)

I'll probably end up getting advance play for Wed. and Sat. so I'll try to figure out a way to plan for both.........Quad City mabey?  (I'm always early)

Like I said expect the unexpected possibly (and of course play it "normal")

                                                                  See ya'll next week    ...kosmic

a    oops how come delete doesn't work somtimes


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May 10, 2007, 11:32 amPowerBall...A Machine-gun?

Well,... kosmic's back for a minute,

I got two out of five last night,    I had 4 lines and actually got all five numbers, just    you know,  not in the right place.

  I'm in a little office pool also, where we pool up about $60 or $70 bucks and they go get a bunch of quick picks, and ride em for a month or so...

I pointed out this morning that it got 3 out of five last night, and the other numbers............oh so close. 

        I was thinking about something lately,

  Anybody ever been to the Fair?  You gotta plan ahead and save a little extra money if you go. (it only comes once a year here).

When I was a kid I picked up "choice" on that  Crane game, It sure did make me happy,

Powerball's  kinda like a Carnival game, a little bit,  Hard to win.....

..but with a little luck and a little practice, you never know.  I guess any lottery game can be compared to a Fair game though.

Sometimes if I get a little minor win with PB, I get that happy-feel good feeling, like when I picked up the choice ring  on the crane game.

I really like the Machine-gun game with the B-B's......Mabey this year I'll save a little extra money,  and finally shoot that Red Star  out.


Entry #16
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April 23, 2007, 11:01 amPB...a crazy world


I'd been looking for the 20's for the last 3 or 4 draws.....

I got a little irked, and didn't play for them Saturday....

Ding-Dong......20's at the door.

I ended up with the 17 (red ball) and a pitiful little 22 to go with it, and said yes to power-play ($16 dollars).

kosmic does sometimes see things coming....... But he's gonna kinda pipe down for a minute, (for no particular reason)

So....until that Meteorite, lands in my backyard.....

or I find that suitcase full of money......I'll still be "panning for gold", tinkering with lottery                                                                KosmicBig Smile

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