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Power Ball.. grasping at straws


Since the Matrix Change, Jan. 7th

1-14-09 Test Draw 1:  7-47-31-18-57- (7)   Power Ball in the white balls, far left,  didn't go in next Draw.

1-14-09 Test Draw 3:  3-23-55-8-30-  (23)    Power Ball actually does go next draw, (not exactly far left) 23  (in the white balls)

1-28-09 Test Draw 1:  39-23-55-59-28-  (39)  Doesn't go next Draw,  (far left) 39

1-31-09 Test Draw 5:  59-22-8-42-6-(6)   touching on the far right,  didn't go next, (but a secret later) 6

2-14-09 Test Draw   :  6-51-29-11-2-(6)   didn't go next Draw,  (far left)   (sorry for no draw number) 6

3-18-09 Test Draw 1:  15-42-40-48-23-(15)  15 didn't go next draw,  (far left)   15

4-1-09   Test Draw 5:  36-13-56-5-54-(36)    didn't go next draw,  (far left)  36

4-8-09  Test Draw  2:  36-52-23-34-46-(23)  (not far left)  but still doesn't go next draw  23

5-09-09  Test Draw 5:  49-14-12-55-38-(12) (not far left)  but still won't go to the next Draw  12

5-23-09  Test Draw 3:   6-52-33-3-29- (3)    (not far left)  still wont go to the next Draw   3  (but a multiple of 3 goes in the next draw in the form of  6  and 12.

6-03-09  Test Draw 4:  22-38-01-55-26-(22)   (far left)  22 doesn't go next Draw

6-13-09  Test Draw5:   33-57-51-02-05- (05)   it finally goes to the next Draw, and it's not far left, it's touching on the far right   05

6-24-09  Test Draw 3:  45-7-48-26-9-( 09)    it doesn't go to the next Draw, but waits and skips a Draw and then goes two times in the form of a Repeat.  (Far Right Touching by the way)  09

7-1-09  Test Draw 5:  7-16-37-22-29-(7)   (far left)  doesn't go to the next Draw  7

7-04-09  Test Draw 3:  8-32-42-6-33- (8)   (far left)  doesn't go to the next Draw  8

7-11-09  Test Draw 3:  33-36-50-49-16- (33)  far left             .......will it go wednesday??

It seems to me that if a number is in the white balls and the Power Ball on the same line, from the previous Test Draws,    and to the Far Right, "Touching" the PB  it's got a better chance than on the far left

All this is just speculation, and funny little observations,

                          At least I try     (to observe)                                                                  x1kosmic

Entry #26


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