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Lt Bill's Blog

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February 13, 2011, 1:03 amPick Five Games

Hello. My name is Bill K. I am an avid player of the Maryland State Lottery and my favorite game is Maryland's BONUS MATCH FIVE, where you pick 5 numbers from 1-39, 5 are drawn plus a bonus number, and the payoffs range from $2 to $50,000.

I had a good year last year, winning a few times with 4 out of 5 for $400 using various systems such as My Pick, Quick Picks, other states results, past results, and so on.

This year, 2011, is another story. No good wins at all. No luck and no decent system to use. This is why I'm opening this blog to talk with other players on systems used, systems to win. Now Maryland has Bonus Match Five, Florida has FANTASY 5; New York has TAKE 5; and Ohio has ROLLING CASH 5. All basically the same formula, picking 5 numbers. Please help. What systems do you use to win, even small wins. Past results ? Other states ? One up or one down ? What. All help to this forum will help us all.




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February 20, 2007, 10:40 pmAny one heard of Steve Player and his cons ?

I get these mailings from STEVE PLAYER all the time. A real con artist. Now he's pushing a Maryland Bonus Match-5 system for $495...............................................How he gets away with it is beyond me.  ANY COMMENTS ????

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February 14, 2007, 7:20 pmLt Bill

MARYLAND fellow numbers players,


I like 459 & 469 as favorite night numbers, anyone else ?

AND, what would be good (and over-due) front or back pairs ???




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