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Carolina Panthers Roll

Oh my goodness we are blessed to have this roll of a franchise record 7 - 0, right now. Crossing my fingers and toes. #GOTEAMPANTHERS

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Entry #3,077

Too Hot To Trot

These numbers are ones that I cannot let go of because they should fall any day now:

7043, 3801, 2598, 8356, 0810, 4054

Let's see which states across the good ole US of A bites first?!


Entry #3,076

Theme of the Day

Today this word is my theme and will be a little mantra in my mind.........WIN!!


Entry #3,075

Oh really?!

Elvis Aaron Presley was born in Mississippi on January 8, 1935, and he had an identical twin brother, Jesse Garon Presley, who died at birth.

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Entry #3,074

Studying Certain States


Connecticut Play 3 Day 6-Way Box 9-5-0 0-5-9 $40
NBey6 Connecticut Play 3 Day Straight + 6-Way Box 0-5-9 0-5-9 $290
NBey6 Delaware Play 3 Day 6-Way Box 0-5-4 0-4-5 $40
NBey6 Delaware Play 3 Day 6-Way Box 4-5-0 0-4-5 $40
NBey6 Maryland Pick 3 Evening 6-Way Box 3-5-6 6-5-3 $40
NBey6 Maryland Pick 3 Evening Straight + 6-Way Box 6-5-3 6-5-3 $290
NBey6 Michigan Daily 4 Midday 24-Way Box 2-0-5-9 0-2-5-9 $100
NBey6 Tennessee Cash 3 Midday 6-Way Box 3-7-8 7-8-3 $40
NBey6 Tennessee Cash 3 Midday 6-Way Box 8-7-3 7-8-3 $40
NBey6 Tennessee Cash 3 Midday 6-Way Box 7-3-8 7-8-3 $40

Results from 10-14-15

Entry #3,073

Universe Speaks Daily

We just have to be listening. My son found a $5.00 bill on the ground when he was playing outside, last Friday, and the blessings still come. The series on the bill was 16164759.

10-10-15 NC pick 3 midday 611

10-14-15 SC pick 4 midday 1661

Hoping the 4759 comes in NC or SC by 10-17-15, time will tell!!


Entry #3,072

My Sure Shot - Pick 4

7733 to show itself in the USA by 2-12-15. "Get your billions back, America!!"

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Entry #3,071

Now is the Time

$$$ Relax. Breathe. Put Your Best Foot Forward. $$$

Entry #3,070

Reset Button

000 - 0000

The time has come to push the reset button. You know what you have to do.

Entry #3,069

Holiday Goodies

These should fatten your pockets for the holidays. Happy Spending!!

205, 209, 259, 328, 427, 641, 706

2059, 6403, 9063

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Entry #3,067

Just A Hunch

I got a hunch that we will see 333, 888 and/or 380 in the next 72hours. If these show up or come to your mind, you better play them, could be your blessing!!


Entry #3,066


It was once said, "When your life presents a question, your life will present an answer!"

Do you believe this is true.......or meaning has this occurred in your experience?

What's the one question you would love to have answered, if you could ask it and get a direct answer, without delay?

Entry #3,065

Laugh 4 2day

Kids won't laugh, but most parents will!! ^-^

Entry #3,064

I almost forgot

Yesterday I tasted chicken,  so I am pretty sure that 185 - 221 should be gracing us with its' presence soon.


Entry #3,063