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December 26, 2016, 3:45 pmHappy Holidays from 999 and the Calendar

Here are the Christmas/New Year #s.

If you are on our mailing list, you got them yesterday.

Merry Christmas
December 25, 2016
Happy Holidays
New Years Day
January 1, 2017
Happy New Year!
(Remember to include your "mates" and "twin" digits from the 9 Tips Guide)
HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU AND YOURS FROM 999 (and the Calendar Predictions)!!!
SBIP$999 Delaware Play 3 Day 6-Way Box 4-3-5 3-4-5 $40
SBIP$999 Multi-State Tri-State Pick 4 Day 24-Way Box 9-3-2-8 2-8-3-9 $100
SBIP$999 Pennsylvania Pick 3 Day Straight + 6-Way Box 5-7-3 5-7-3 $290
SBIP$999 Tennessee Cash 4 Midday 24-Way Box 9-0-3-7 3-0-7-9 $100

So where did the 9037 hit come from: Here's a trick. Sometimes when the calendar gives pick 3 and pick 4 numbers, I turn the pick 3 into pick 4 plays. For example, the January 1 2017 line shows

January 1, 2017
So I combine the 903 with the first digit of the Pick 4 predictions (see underlined #). And quala...a box hit.
I did the same with the combinations on the "wild" line and got the 9328 box hit.
Hey, there are so many tricks and so many ways to win the Pick 34 in "all state" plays that it is ridiculous:)-
PS--in case you missed it--for 999 's December's all-state gift to our list which went out mid December, Imageweaver360 posted them for all to see the hits on her predictions board.
Here are some hits so far from our Xmas/New Years list
Mon, Dec 26, 2016 Delaware Play 3 Day 3-4-5
Mon, Dec 26, 2016 Pennsylvania Pick 3 Day 5-7-3, Wild Ball: 0
Sun, Dec 25, 2016 Missouri Pick 3 Evening 5-9-8
Sun, Dec 25, 2016 Multi-State Tri-State Pick 3 Day 9-7-0
Sun, Dec 25, 2016 Ohio Pick 3 Evening 3-9-2
Sun, Dec 25, 2016 South Carolina Pick 3 Evening 3-4-5
Sun, Dec 25, 2016    Connecticut    Play 4 Night    0-3-3-3--Straight!

Last Edited: December 26, 2016, 3:50 pm

Entry #693
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December 5, 2016, 1:51 amAn old Pick 3 strategy has recycled...NC 715 hit

Anatomy of a Small Hit:

It was a rainy wet day in the Carolinas today. I'd been in all day with a little 3 year old guy who was battling a cold. When his mother came to pick him up, he was well rested from a long afternoon nap and seemingly feeling a little better.

I had no intentions of going out to play the lottery, but my mom had missed that 567 and was sure the 321 would not be far behind. I told her over the phone that I would probably not go out in the damp weather but if I did, I would play a couple of her pet combinations for her too.

I did go out after hunger started messing with my brain and I had no desire to cook. A quickie to Arby's, then to the QT to pick up some non al-ky beer and it would be straight home again.

Of course I was glad I did when I read that 715 on the NC tread. I had gotten it str8, but played it as a box, and I had gotten it as an X15 back pair.

$65...no big deal. I usually play .50 cent boxes unless I'm chasing straights. Tonight I was just putting in a few combos since I was going to be playing for someone else.

Where did I get the 715?

Well, actually the same place I got the 588 that I posted on the predictions board on Dec 1 for NC.

Since the # was a double. I posted it as : 558, 858, 855, 858

SBIP$999 North Carolina Pick 3 Daytime 3-Way Box 8-5-8 5-8-8 $80
SBIP$999 North Carolina Pick 3 Daytime 3-Way Box 8-5-8 5-8-8 $80

Of course I posted its mate too.

I had gotten this little workout from the lottery post some years ago, and of course revised it later to match some new rules I encountered to enhance it.

So here's what you do: you take the last three lottery drawings, add the digits across--using root summing, then add the digits going down--using root summing, then add the sum of those digits--using root summing--to come up with some combinations to focus on.

A little vague, ok, for example, b4 the 715 fell, the three preceding combos in NC were 927-567-220

Add these up going across--that's the first line of the addition, then add the digits up going down, using root sums only and that's the 2nd line of the equation. The final line is the adding up of the two combinations just created.







You can also stretch out each of the resulting three combinations by adding a plus one or minus one for as many times as desired, ie 499 might be expanded to be


the 715 as


the 215 as



Of course I played the 499 and its mate 494 too.

So where did the X15 pair come from?

Well, for some time now I have been looking at the "7 day" previous draw to see how they re emerge given that 7 represents a natural cycle in nature.

So here is what fell last Sunday

Sun, Nov 27, 2016 094 153

I find that often you can get your pairs from the previous "7 day" draws, ie look at the same day draws that happened exactly one week prior. Usually you will see a combination that is totally different from the previous week day's draw and one that has a set of the pairs to re-emerge. In this case the 927 which fell in the afternoon was pretty much the completely different digits, so I was anticipating my pairs would come from the 094 and 153 combinations from the week b4 drawings.

Because the little workout above had given me a 49 pair and the 15 pair, with the 15 pair showing twice, I decided to play those two pairs front and back, ie X49, x94, 49x, 94x and x15, x51, 15x and 51x. My reasoning was that if none of my other combos hit, this would be a good catch all to at least get my money back.

But unlike the 558 and the 858 posting, I actually played the 715 and the X15 in the live drawing.

And what was most interesting is that each of the two times I have used that little workout, something hit from it. Why it came to mind to use it, I can not say, but I suppose I'm just guided like that.

Taking the time to post this in case it helps someone in NC. With the 588 posting specifically to the NC board, I have to confess that the double 8X8 had also been been predicted from the 929 system and was also a draw #1 hit using that system's pairs. I love it when you can use more than one workout to come to the same combination. 

For more details on the little strategy and how it might be used, do a google search on Julian Calendar workout.

Good Luck Player!

Entry #692
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November 27, 2016, 11:46 pmPer Request 929 System in NY...10 days

Per request of a reader who posted a comment on one of the blog posts re FL and the 929 system. He wrote in part: " Does Your System Work For ( NEW YORK)"

Below is a quick check--hopefully I didn't make any errors b/c it truly was a five minute check-- on the Pair sets of the 929 system (I did not count or calculate any hits from the "main combinations" of the system which would have been too time consuming), but the chart below shows the str8 New York hits and the box hits in NY using the system for the last 10 days.

But, even with six str8 hits and at least five boxes, for a newbie--who might or might not have other workouts in which to narrow down his plays--the system is one that involves a medium risk level at best.

Hope that helps...

Sat, Nov 26, 2016





Fri, Nov 25, 2016





Thu, Nov 24, 2016





Wed, Nov 23, 2016





Tue, Nov 22, 2016





Mon, Nov 21, 2016





Sun, Nov 20, 2016





Sat, Nov 19, 2016





Fri, Nov 18, 2016





Thu, Nov 17, 2016





Wed, Nov 16, 2016





Entry #691
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November 27, 2016, 9:56 am929 Pick 3 Straight Pairs System -- Limited Edition

Check out the previous blog entries regarding the 929 Lottery System for Pick 3. It is 999's latest title. Yes, we now have the system available for anyone in non-computerized states to use to see how it fairs in their state. It also seems to be working in at least one computerized drawing (CA) as you will see from the information page--but more backtesting will be needed to see the level of its consistency.

The 929 book is a limited edition at this point because it was created at the request of a beta tester from Florida who wanted access to the system so that he would not have to wait for the predictions to be posted daily. Results of the beta testing in 3 states and other information about the book are currently noted at my homepage (ie right click on sbip$999 and select homepage to access).

It is now available for preorder now thru 9 December, with a BF discount coupon code if ordered by 4 December.

Admittedly, this system is not for everyone. But for those "straight chasers" who have at least a medium level of risk on their side, this may present an option.

FYI, Here's what our three beta testing states logged this past week using the 929 system:


SC Week of 11/20

513 was a draw #1 bOX  hit MAIN COMBINATIONS and a predicted Pair

176  is a draw #1 box hit off a predicted Pair

624 IS A draw #4 box hit off a predicted Pair

998 IS A draw #9 STR8 hit off its main combinations

155 IS A draw #7 STR8 hit off a predicted Pair and draw #5 box hit

807 IS A draw #2 STR8 hit off a predicted Pair

NC Week of 11/20

190 was adraw #2 BOX hit off main combinations

915 is adraw #7 STR8 hit off main combinations

147 was a draw #9 box hit off main combinations and a predicted Pair

540 was a draw #2 box hit off main combinations and a predicted Pair

FLA week of 11/20

485 was a draw #1  STR8 hit off a predicted Pair

539 was a draw #3 box hit off a predicted Pair

539 was a draw #9 box hit off a predicted Pair

834 was a draw #1 box hit off main combinations

240 was a draw #1  STR8 hit off Main combinations and a predicted Pair

Last Edited: November 27, 2016, 9:59 am

Entry #690
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November 15, 2016, 8:49 pm929 P3 Strategy in Fla pulls 10 Str8s/16 boxes in last 4 weeks...

Here are the weekly stats with only six more weeks of beta testing available:



202 was a draw #5  STR8 hit

021 was a draw #2 BOX hit

167was a draw #2 STR8 hit

615 was a draw #4 box hit

772 was a draw #4  STR8 hit

116 was a draw #3 STR8 hit

10/30/2016 Week:

371 was a draw #5 Box hit 

821was a draw #1 Box hit 

540 WAS a draw #4 box hit 

738 was a draw #7 Box hit 

10/22/2016 Week:

193 was a draw #1  box hit

104  was a draw #3  box hit

217  was a draw #2  box hit

764 was a draw # 4 box hit

778 was a draw #10 box hit

886 was a draw #1 Str8 hit

116 was a draw #4  STR8 hit 

  482 was a draw #8 STR8 hit 

10/16/2016 Week

193 was a draw #1  box hit 

104  was a draw #3  box hit 

217  was a draw #2  box hit 

764 was a draw # 4 box hit 

778 was a draw #10 box hit 

886 was a draw #1 Str8 hit 

116 was a draw #4  STR8 hit 

  482 was a draw #8 STR8 hit off

That's 10 Straight hitsand 16 box/any hits in four weeks.

There's still time to join the beta testing group for the final weeks of the year...but only if you need more "straights" in your Pick 3 plays.

Entry #689
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October 29, 2016, 2:55 pm929 Strategy in Fl Pick 3 showing off with 3 STR8 hits in a row

We've been tracking FL's straight hits off the 929 Strategy since we added it to our Beta Testing

Here's the first post:


This week it has already logged5 Str8 hits and2 box hits.

Glad we added this state to the mix.

Inbox me for the link to join the weekly Beta group.

Entry #688
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October 25, 2016, 9:15 pm999 in Florida Pick 3...Gets first STR8 of the week!

We decided to add Florida to the beta testing for the 929 strategy for Pick 3 at the request of a lottery enthusiast and 999 customer.

We're in our second week of beta testing, and the first week of backtesting in FL showed three Str8 hits in a row at the end of the week, and four box hits in a row prior to the str8 hits falling.

The hardest part is remembering to check Florida's drawing since its not a state we normally monitor, ie it is not in the Carolinas;)-

But I'm glad we added it because it brought into focus how adding one additional combination might bring more weekly hits. It was a hunch, but with the 059 hit, the hunch paid off.

Like the Carolinas, the FL beta testing will end in about 8 or 9 weeks. Join us if you like...

Entry #687
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October 22, 2016, 3:57 pmNeed more Pick 3 Str8s in the Carolinas?

Our 929 Strategy is still doing well in the Carolinas, though it is still in beta...

If you need more hits in NC or SC, there's about six more weeks of beta testing in which you can join the group. Currently we are posting 11 main combinations to consider based on the last draw, and two optional "straight" hit pairs, or about 21-24 total combinations to get your straight hits from. So even if you weren't chasing straights and only played the 11 main combinations you would have gotten 6 boxes so far this week in NC. Looking at two pairs to find your straights instead of 1000 combinations seems a better way to go.

Though SC is a bit scattered as far as when it hits, NC likes draw #2  and draw #3 hits mostly over the past few weeks.

Go to my homepage if you want to sign up to join the beta testers.

Straight hits are these; box hits are these:

This Week's STRAIGHT & BOX HIT Summary for NC:

  241 was a draw #1 STR8 hit

150 was a draw #2 box hit off main combinations of 222

151  was a draw #2 STR8  hit

280 was a draw #2 box hit off

917was a draw #2 box hit off main combinations of 280

763 was a draw #5 box hit off main combinations

297 was a draw #2 box hit off main combinations

033 was a draw #5 box hit

309 was a draw #1 STR8  hit off 033's bottom-broad stroke pair


SC Weekly Hit log from 929 strategy

409 was a draw #4  str8 hit off 574's MAIN COMBINATIONS

954 was a draw #2  BOX hit off 046's MAIN COMBINATIONS

915 was a draw #3  str8 hit and a box hit off 619's MAIN COMBINATIONS

895 was a draw #1  BOX hit off 915's BOTTOM Broad Stroke Pair, and a Draw #6 box hit off 954's MAIN COMBINATIONS, and a draw #4 box hit off 619's bottom and top broad stroke pairs

Entry #686
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October 2, 2016, 3:35 pmNC logs its 5th straight hit in a row...929 Strategy on Fire

Ok--its time to go out and enjoy the sunshine.

Check out my previous blog post to learn more about where to find these hits.

Carolinas eClub for Pick 3 is running like wild stallions. I got to go catch up:)-

Congrats to all the winners...


Entry #685
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October 1, 2016, 6:30 pmNC : Can you say WOW 5 ST8Hits this week off new 929 Strategy?

You remember me posting this:

NC draw #1 Str8 off new 999 strategy...a fluke?

In it I told you about the 6 Straight hits NC got within a random week of backtesting.

Well, when I posted that, it was then my word against yours---and probably a little hard to believe.

But now members of the new 999 Carolinas eClub for Pick 3 can attest to the five (5) straight hits that NC has gotten so far this week and there is still one more draw to go...

The strategy is still in beta testing, and will be until the end of the year. I created the eclub for the Carolinas to encourage me not to abandon the formula, ie to post the results on a consistent basis as I collect more data and continue to tweak the formula for PROFIT. The goal is to ultimately publish a book with 1000 followers that can be used by any non-computerized lottery drawing state. By posting the combinations one "last draw" at a time, perhaps by December I will have most of the three-digit combinations done.

Yes, the last three hits in NC were predicted Straight from the 929 formula. No I'm not bragging, but I am just a little excited.

You can join the beta testing group by subscribing at my homepage.


Last Edited: October 1, 2016, 6:32 pm

Entry #684
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September 16, 2016, 1:11 pmNC draw #1 Str8 off new 999 strategy...a fluke?

I guess when you are focusing on numbers, anything can happen.

This week I've been focusing on putting together the 2017 monthly lottery predictions books for Pick 3 and Pick 4. And even though I am effectively not in the game, this is the one event that I do annually to make a contribution to the game. This year I upgraded the formula to produce more straight all-state hits so the project is coming along nicely.

Then two days ago I observed something after a NC drawing, and it was clear where the straight hit had come from. So me being me, I did some backtesting to see if there was anything to the theory, and low and behold got six straight hits and four box hits from targeting 7 consecutive evening drawings. The rules were simple, see if you can get a hit within the week from the strategy, and six out of seven times, there was a hit, and most of them straight.

SBIP$999 North Carolina Pick 3 Evening Straight + 6-Way Box 7-9-5 7-9-5 $290

I was surprised, but maybe NC is just in a cycle right now. At any rate, I need to backtest other states to see if the strategy holds true for other non-computerized drawings, but still I have these books to publish.

So... even though I don't like to strategize around combinations with 9s in them--without more extensive backtesting-- here is what I'm calling the "929 System" off the 795 that fell last night:

Last Draw was: 795



Broad Stroke: 6X1 and 5X6

Caution: If your other workouts lead to any of these combinations, feel free to use, otherwise just watch. Still in beta testing.

Last Edited: September 16, 2016, 1:21 pm

Entry #683
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September 5, 2016, 2:16 pmHappy Labor Day and 999 Free Pick 3 for Sept Predictions

Happy Labor's Day!


(Alternates: 977-992--3888-3338-3333-8888-3803-3880)


Our Monthly Lottery Predictions have been enhanced and updated for the 2017 season.

Get a head start with these free premium calendar-based Pick 3 All-State predictions here.

This is our Labor Day gift to You:

September Pick 3 for All-State Players



999 Image for today :

(Alternates: 504, 750, 502, 752)
Still in Play
3471, 3671, 7009
(Alternates: 1743, 1763, 3971, 9007, 9009, 7799, 9710, 7099)

  Wild: 149

(Good for 9 days or more)

Entry #682
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June 20, 2016, 9:37 amBobby Brown in the lottery. DoubleDoubles in the P4?

Saw Bobby on a talk show the other day. I think he was promoting his new book.

In the wee hours of the morning, his name came to me so he must have been in a dream (236-7722)

My image was 2888, but it looked to be at the end of something so that could mean it -- or its offshoots will show in the evening (2888:288-888-228-7888-7808-2808-2818-5888-2228)

I also dreamed I was throwing snowballs (725-525-7239-7219) at a man I had just met. Lots of snow on the ground. Snow (428-7518) generally means "triples" in the Pick 3 are coming. (Hope some of you on my mailing list caught some of the last batch that fell off my shoe image, including that 333 in SC.)

Best Advice: Play your favorite double doubles for the next 3 to 4 days off Bobby Brown, ie 7722-8833-9944-6611, etc.

The money # is wild too: 567-533-3663.

Coins: 759-3627

Wild Doubles: 7255-7257-7522-7422

Good luck player.

Last Edited: June 20, 2016, 9:47 am

Entry #681
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May 8, 2016, 1:35 pmHappy Mother's Day from 999

Happy Mother's Day!




Mother's Day



999 Image for today (translated into numbers):





Today's Date and Wild



Note: These are "All State" Combinations, good for 3-10 days.
Good Luck Player!

Last Edited: May 8, 2016, 1:36 pm

Entry #680
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February 20, 2016, 2:06 pm999 ... 0220 is a Double Double Date...Expect High payouts...5 day cycle

Just a reminder that double-double date 02-20 is here, and the double double date "five day window of opportunity" actually begun yesterday, 2/19.

If you have not yet accessed the double-double date calendar for the year, you can pick it up here.

The 02-20 date is actually the second double-double date for February.

Double Double dates usually yield high payout digits in "all state" plays.

Good luck player!

Entry #679
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