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March 11, 2015, 7:22 pmNew chatter

A comment posted on my last blog listed some web sites.  Here they are:

wreckedexotics.com  This site is about wrecked Exotic cars.  There are a lot of photos.  Sad to see some gone.  Did you ever see the movie "Need for speed"?  They race all the time there and wrecked a lot of nice cars.  The final race was wild but all races in the movie were illegal.  One time in Grand Theft Auto Vice City I was behind a bus in my nice new car.  That bus backed up and smashed into my car.  I got out went up and grabbed that bus driver and beat him up and stole the bus.  I then drove through the city and smashed a lot of cars and things.  I finally rolled the bus and it went up in a ball of flames, but no problem I just got patched up at the hospital,good as new.

neatorama.com  This I think is about food and news.  Neat stuff.  A good site.

bringatrailer.com  This is a car for sale site.  Some nice cars there.  Some need to restored.

hellinahandbasket.net  All kinds of news or articles.  Not a bad site to spend time on.

It is 73 degrees here in Tulsa Oklahoma.  A nice day for sure.  Sunny and no clouds.

I wonder if anyone went to gog.com.  Good old games it is.  A good game there is Din's Curse.  It's like Diablo 2 but it is a moving world.  Remember "Den of Evil" in Diablo 2?  Well the hordes there were on the verge of attacking the player is told.  Only they never actually will.  In Din's Curse they will attack sooner or later.  There is no Den of Evil in Din's Curse but things happen all the time in the game.

Also check out Driftmoon, it is a fun little game.

I think I will talk about the different lottery games first.  I think that a player should be careful and spend more than they can afford to lose.  Be responsible.

The big games like Power Ball and Mega Millions are a bear to play and win.  I feel PB at $2 is way no good.  Buy one ticket if you want to win a big prize of for fun if you must.  For $2 here you can almost buy a hot dog and a soda from the local gas station.  Or two cheap tv dinners.

For MM it is fine at $1 but 1-75?  Crazy.  But my wife wants a ticket sometimes and so I get a quick pick.

I prefer Hot Lotto as it gets up about $1-12 million.

Actually I was hoping to win the OK Cash 5 at 1-36 with a $500 prize for 4/5 numbers.  But can't to pull it off.  There is also the pick 3 which has a big following and I wonder if I should join it.  I think destiny had a new system and it was setup on Lotto Mark but I don't see it on Lotto Mark anymore.

I wonder if anyone has gone to Before it's news?  A policeman there got zapped by an alien.  I think, but that is what it says.

Be back soon.

Last Edited: March 11, 2015, 7:37 pm

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March 10, 2015, 12:01 amSome links before talking lottery.

I have wanted to do more blogging than just twice a year.  Busy finding a job, a day job, I cashier at nights.  I seem to be on a smoother ride right now.

We have had some snows here in Tulsa Oklahoma and they have melted off.  Got the car washed and it seems warm for right now.  If a person wants to play the lottery maybe get the mind in a relaxed state of mind.  I want to list some great web sites to visit.

I get some games at Gog.com and they have some super deals all the time.  Always wanted to find the whole package of Neverwinter Nights 2?  Go to Gog.com.

You want some really wild reading go see Before it's news.com.  Just Google it.  Or how about Rense.com?  Coast to Coast.com which has a radio show at night.  They talk about UFOs and Bigfoots and ghosts and more.  Sometimes scary.

Google 3am office ghost.  5 min of good stuff.  Want to see North Korea?  Google Vice guide to North Korea.  Soo good, wow.

Of course Google bizarre foods on Youtube by Andrew Zimmern.   He has a bunch on Youtube.  Don't miss any of it.  Yes Steam has a bunch of games too.

OK I am getting a honey doo so I will come back later to start talking about the lottery.  You may guess I do believe in lottery software but there are many out there and I only know about some.  See you soon, very soon.

Last Edited: March 10, 2015, 12:03 am

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October 18, 2014, 1:02 pmThanks Destiny!

Destiny started a thread over on the discussion area about which blogs are worth reading and concluded that only a couple are.  I have never even thought of blogging here but will give it a try.  LP has a lot of traffic and so is a good place to start.  I want to focus on winning pick 5 and Hot Lotto.  Here in OK we have Cash 5 at 1-36 and there is Hot Lotto at 1-47/1-19 and does give a little bit of a payout.

First of all this is my first blog.  I am at standard but thinkng of going Gold.  To support the cause.  I will start talking about Cash 5 here in OK.  I will be talking about using some software to help out.  Also getting Gail's Lottery Mastery Guide is good and I just use the quick tests which work for me.  I use several software programs.  I don't have Gails A+ but some use it.

There are several bad things happening these days with ebola and all.  Not fun.  Plus Obama does not seem to care to fix it.  Getting work is not easy either.  Hope you dear reader are doing fine in those two areas.

This LP seems overrun with pick 3 players.  Maybe no one has any hope of winning anything else.  Could be.  I sorta don't care a whole lot about pick 3.  But I do like pick 5.  Once I won $50 on Hot Lotto getting 4/5 numbers so that was fun.

I will be back and hope to dig into the numbers.  Cheers and Happy Wins.

Last Edited: October 18, 2014, 2:16 pm

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