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Some links before talking lottery.


Last Edited: March 10, 2015, 12:03 am

I have wanted to do more blogging than just twice a year.  Busy finding a job, a day job, I cashier at nights.  I seem to be on a smoother ride right now.

We have had some snows here in Tulsa Oklahoma and they have melted off.  Got the car washed and it seems warm for right now.  If a person wants to play the lottery maybe get the mind in a relaxed state of mind.  I want to list some great web sites to visit.

I get some games at Gog.com and they have some super deals all the time.  Always wanted to find the whole package of Neverwinter Nights 2?  Go to Gog.com.

You want some really wild reading go see Before it's news.com.  Just Google it.  Or how about Rense.com?  Coast to Coast.com which has a radio show at night.  They talk about UFOs and Bigfoots and ghosts and more.  Sometimes scary.

Google 3am office ghost.  5 min of good stuff.  Want to see North Korea?  Google Vice guide to North Korea.  Soo good, wow.

Of course Google bizarre foods on Youtube by Andrew Zimmern.   He has a bunch on Youtube.  Don't miss any of it.  Yes Steam has a bunch of games too.

OK I am getting a honey doo so I will come back later to start talking about the lottery.  You may guess I do believe in lottery software but there are many out there and I only know about some.  See you soon, very soon.

Entry #2


hearsetraxComment by hearsetrax - March 10, 2015, 5:47 am
if ya get that bored
might I recomend


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