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just another week to go


Last Edited: August 18, 2006, 12:44 am

I am saving money to play the next 2 weeks, i just can't wait! I see myself with ATLEAST a grand and a half for the first week, and about 2 grand the second. I was out looking for a part-time job today and i realized how much i didn't want to go back to doing work for somebody else. I finally made up my mind to do things for myself to make life much easier on me.

I don't take for granted what i have and I thank God every day for this gift...this is the best start to beginning a life of financial abundance. Spiritually im already there and i still have much to learn but now I am completely ready to accept and utilize all of the resources around me to get what i want to make life even more fun then what it is!

My goals : I would like a brand new 2006 mustang...such a beautiful car at like 45 grand lol...I believe i can muscle up that kinda dough by the end of november.

My own apartment

I want a nice sound system

I want to buy love

just kidding, lol...

well bottom line, theres alot of things i would like to have, and I am going to get what it is i want...

Today, this little girl whom I have never seen be4 in my life came up to me running down the block to catch up to me and asked me if i had a dollar...the weird thing was that i wasn't shocked, I gave it to her as if I've known this little person my whole life...It felt good just giving to her that if i had a 50 dollar bill in my pocket I would have gladly givin it to her just for the heck of it, just because I can...

I don't do what i do and expect something back in return, the way i see it, everything I got now is more then enough payback to me for all the good deeds ive ever done and ever will do...and yet still things and amazing circumstances still happen so casually to and around me. I am very excited today, and now im gone to go wacth terminator 3!

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