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December 28, 2006, 3:46 pmTruth's Resolutions

I graduated from highschool, and started college all in one year....This year was also the 1st year I actually started turning a profit from my numbers starting back in mid- November, the high...that rush you get from that is undescribable, I wish there were words to describe that feeling of winning free cash especially when you know you have the game down to a T. I feel as if I am living proof (along with all the succesfull poker players, and lotto players on this site) that you can make a better living doing things you truly enjoy doing. I am looking to make up to 50 grand in 3-5 months next year, untaxed, fun earned cash.

 I also would like to have a girlfriend (or 2, hehe) whom i can kick it with before the end of January.

I am going to be giving more of my time to charity simply because i have the means to do it, couldn't imagine blowing through 50 grand on myself...

I want to start posting my predictions on LP more often, seeing as how i am quite busy even on my month long vacation from school, a laptop or good cell phone will surely solve that problem.

I just learned of a new job opportunity at my local bank, now how cool is that...who says job opportunities are scarce in Michigan? only the ones who choose to believe job's are no where to be found.

I fixed school problems I was having, now I will be doing much better in school with a reduced workload. Gotta make time to enjoy life!

Happy New Years People, and thx for taking the time to respond and read my posts, that means alot to me!


Last Edited: December 28, 2006, 3:48 pm

Entry #25
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December 14, 2006, 9:36 amConversations with God

Conversations with God is such an awesome series, if there ever was an bible this should be it. If you read these books, i promise it will go agains't everything you've been taught, but you will gradually find that in your heart you can't help but agree with the majority of the material in these books. It's heartfelt, very funny, tear jerking, shocking. If you are looking for the answers you have been looking for all your life, you can't go wrong here.

Head to your local library and pick up book 1, i bet you will have a hard time putting it down...forewarning, there are some very heavy moments in the books, so it's all ways good to take a breather or two and reflect back on what you just read to make sure you weren't going crazy becuz there were times where i felt that i was lost all of a sudden to the words that were written.

It goes against the majority of todays religion's, and challenges them in such a way as i stated be4, it is mind-boggling.

Right now i am reading book 2 (its where i got my recent quote from), and it talks about larger ideas from book 1 (i don't recommend book 2 until book 1 is read and completely understood). In B2 im on the section about time, and how we look at time in terms of past, present, future...I finally understand why i am able to dream and have numbers come out related to my dream  as well as how psychics can do what they do. It even talks about how Hitler went to heaven, because there was never a hell, and how he was not the one who was sole responsible for such mass murder, but the millions of people who supported a general idea to commit the acts.

I'm tellin ya, it's that deep

So if you are brave enough, pick up book 1 and get to reading...your life will change forever

Last Edited: December 14, 2006, 9:37 am

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November 20, 2006, 11:19 pmControl

A huge part of playing this game is learning how to have control and not let the over-excitement cause you 2 lose your winnings. I know where my limits are and sometimes i tend to push them, but at this point, i know it's not neccesary. There are a few periods in a month I shouldn't play because of the astrological aspects of things. It just turned new-moon and here i am playing the day of...never a good idea(usually, there are alot of sudden 'close calls', like instead of 8345, it'll come as 3648). I've been doing this long enough to know better so im going to start acting like it, like i've been winning.

I won't be posting any numbers until i start to see a pattern of winners, and that's just 2-3 days after the transition (about wednes, thurs)...and then I'ts game time again. Until then players, be patient, and let the storm ride out. I have to relize were patience is the key to this game of chance. I refuse to end up in the same hole i was in just a week ago.

No...there is no excuse for me to be...and i don't want to put the folks who believe in my #'s the same hole. I'm grateful for all that I have accumalated so far and im going to just wait for the next surge in winners, which is not to far from now.

Entry #23
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November 19, 2006, 12:39 amThe Yellow Brick Road

Wow, just...wow.

I can never forget how it felt to win 180 bucks in a day. Working at dollar tree, I made significantly less then that in one week at just an average of about 70-95$ a week during that time. Doing what exactly?

This week has been BEYOND fantastic. I won 4 times, 3 times in a row so far without breaking so much as a sweat, didn't win the one in between because of a mistake I won't make again. Dreaming tonight (assuming that I am), I'm going to start playing straight...that means wheeling 11 - 22 numbers to win 2,250$ on 25 cent bet

hell why not? I have dreamn't of this time for so long and spoke about this dream since 'I won 30$ twice back 2 back in July. Just in time for the christmas rush...I have never felt what it was like to walk into a store and just know you can afford just about anything you like, and not feel guilty about overspending becuz that word is not in your vocabulary, or not being able to pay a bill becuz you desire an object so bad...so then your forced 2 compromise.

So yea, I'm shooting for the grands this coming week - starting tommorrow -

I was happy as i don't know what when I first hit the 180, it was a 360 turn for me...oh the possiblities, now they just send endless. 

My english my be broken, but i am very sleepy, keep in touch with you guys sometimes later 


Entry #22
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November 11, 2006, 9:43 pmNot so F**king mad lol

Thx again everyone for replying to my previous post on that issue with me and online lottery sites. I was determined to find a solution and lo and behold someone I trust very much and luv came to my aid at just the right moment, just the right time.

My own sister, is allowing me 2 use her click2pay and betslips account! Screw , Todd was right, they are on something over there...they wanted me to western union 100$ minimum to some guy so that guy can send it to them. I said "BULLSH**T"!!

I cannot express in words I excited I feel to have this opportunity to finally, after almost 2 months of headaches to be able to double my lottery winnings. Obviously, I am very passionate about playing online and it is a huge deal for me becuz that means I don't have to win twice as many numbers in state as opposed to online.I see the money in this and I know so many others who play online see this as well.

I dreamnt of dancing, man it was an awesome dream, and it came out this eve in MI as 649, straight as I see it in my dream book...I didn't have time to post it becuz I was busy getting my self straight to play online. Now, there is no excuse for me not to win, becuz I sure as hell didn't set myself up for failure. Do you have any idea how much this money will help me with college fees (THERE WILL BE NONE!!!). And man, are they well in the hundred range...all taken care of within the next 10 days.

I know I don't have to sweat it...I'm good to go from this day forward. This is the day I have been dreaming of for some time and I feel it is actually happening. Just in time for the holidays. It is now my turn to give generously to the family.

...I realized I don't have to worry about being in that college debt so many students are trapped in. Forget credit cards becuz I won't need them. rent money? no problem. That mustang I'm still fantasizing about? all paid for...Gas money for my mom? till infinity, traveling expenses? no such thing, Investments into real estate?peace of cake now that I will be having stronger capital...this is a dream I intend to make reality. Honestly, it's coming alot faster then I planned.

P.S. Holy s**t, I just glanced at a previous post and I stated my financial independence before the end of December...this is to cool how all this is happening seaminglesly (but not with out a few struggles). Looks like I'm making yet another early goal I set for myself.


My financial independence is


Hurray! I give myself a round of applause Hurray!

Last Edited: November 11, 2006, 9:50 pm

Entry #21

November 8, 2006, 5:17 pmI am losing it!!

Alright, So I'm trying sooo hard to get signed up so I can play on line but like most things in life there are obstacles. Guess what...

Because of my age, I have no credit history, in fact, I tried to sign up with every account I possibly could on and nobody would accept me without my s.s card, I.D, debit card, and like 2 other identification items. On top of that, my bank has a gambling code...so I had no choice but 2 go 2 a 3rd-party It is a pain in the ass, but I will get through it and I will make up for the last 3 numbers I was forced to miss getting this problem solved. Today, was the 3rd 4 digit box hit I would have easily had which is why I write this angry rant.

Right now, my only hope is Neteller so I can send money to my account through them to ....It just hurts so much to know that I would have hit THRICE in a ROW. I digress...I will make up for all lost profits.

And this I promise to myself


Entry #20
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October 29, 2006, 8:16 amToday's...The Day...

It's been awhile ladies & Gent's, I've had numerous dreams before this but today is where I can finally say to you as I've said in my blogs..."I will start winning money again before the end of October". It's near the end now, but it's not to late!

This is what I really work for, to play this game and make MORE money with this gift, nobody outside of my family and you guys knows about this and when I tell them they don't believe me and I don't expect them to, not until It really shows atleast LOL... Not that working's bad becuz I actually kind of enjoy it. Primarily becuz I'm working with people MY AGE for a change which makes this experience that much more enjoyable lol. So I won't just cut & run because I'm on a roll, I will simply just tell them after about another month or 2 that it is my time to leave...that I no longer really need to work.

That is my goal by the end of December!

Financial freedom from the world of excessive taxes and governement ponzi schemes is the way to go for me. (my last check was taxed 54$!, thats a whole days of work for Uncle Sam!)sure the check was a nice sum, after it, but I know I can make more on my own terms without the taxes. I intend to take it all back from the state governments.

I've been tooting my horn about getting my license in one day, on one try on my previous post about a few weeks ago...It's been done, after days of convincing myself that it was possible (last Wednesday) and boy was it tough. ...that dream and a few others have come to fruitation in this month alone as I expected that as I type this out it brings a tear to my eye...It's been a long, adventurous journey...I am proud of myself, but I still have so much more left to accomplish.


So much more

By the way, check out my recent posted numbers if your in the mood for winning today, it's totally a choice, not a chance!


Last Edited: October 29, 2006, 8:30 am

Entry #19

October 16, 2006, 1:24 amThe power of money

I am in the middle of reading richdad poordad...this is an awesome book, I highly require everyone here read this book to fine tune your investing skills. I wish I had read this book sooner, I wouldn't have worked for 9 months and have nothing to my name when I was let go. I have a much better understanding of the power of the dollar, that money should work for you, you shouldn't work for the money. I've been following these simple yet powerful principles in this book for a few weeks now and boy is their a major change in my spending habits.

I'm saving alot more money, and spending a lot less then I ever did in 9 months! It's easier then I initially thought it to be, becuz I' like to spend money(for fun, because I can), what I needed to do as well is control these habits...

I get my license in 4 days, and I will pass it on the first try...I'm a great driver (although I like speed), should be no problem at all whatsoever. Im doing great financially, and although I havn't been able to start playing my favorite gambling game just yet (paycheck wasn't all that great because I'm a new hire) I'm not in a big hurry. Next check will be enormous so I'll have enough to play and make even more money, and pay for my drivers test and college bill all in one fall swoop.

Havn;t been on here much and in time i will be on here less and less. I try to post my numbers when I get a chance...until I get my PDA/laptop/cell phone I won't be on here until I get everything going the way things are going to go before the end of this month...until then

See U Soon

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October 10, 2006, 2:47 pmanother hit

once again my dream comes out...in ohio this midday as 5890, drive is 980 - 709, I always pair the left side numbers with each digit 0 through 9 to get my four digits. Thats the way they always come out (rarely will it be on the right side). Today, i posted speed is going to come out, but since I was actually driving the car it seemed more obvious drive was coming...although speed still has a good chance of showing aside that my number already came out. We'll have to wait and see.

This is officially the last damn number of mines that I'm missing...I promised myself that before the end of october I would have a job to play the game, and now I have one and boy is the pay good for me to do what I REALLY WANT TO DO. Just got payed today and didn't even have the time to pick up my check, cash it, and play online...After 2 months of watching my patterns It's time my income inflates well into the thousands!!!

By the way, did any of you read RichDadPoorDad, that is a AMAZING book and I only read 4 pages of it, buying that one today...I forget the name of the author but the man is a genius!

Entry #17

October 5, 2006, 8:14 pmI keep telling my self man, Im living the GoodLife

Everything is working out the way according to my original plan.

I said I was to have a job by October - check ,

to do well in college - check,

to make many new friends in college- check,

to control my nerves around people - done deal,

to have my license by October - in exactly 2 weeks :),

 and last but not least...to make my income on the p4 and p3 OH & MI games - just looking forward to that first pay stub! but it will be done.

I've gotten done so much of what I wanted to accomplish in such a short amount of time im flabergasted, now I got sit back and think of new goals...like buying my first vehicle (I have no credit so I won't be able to get that new stang' I wanted, but I will get the next best thing), and getting a really sweet girlfriend to hang with in what little spare time I happen to have!!!

I' am so focused on starting out on a bang again, after a long 2 months on hiatis, to get back on my winning streak and hit my numbers...I could never forget the first time i hit, it's a euphoria on it's own, but only this time I want that and pure profit...It would help me (and many others) x10 and then some.

Money is not of concern to me anymore, and my oh my how thankful I am for this incredible gift God has bestowed upon me to just go to sleep and come up with numbers becuz Lord knows I blow at math, so logistics and statistics are out of the question for me LOL, I am still shocked everytime my #'s come, even when I don't hit with real money it feel's very surreal. Kinda like a dream...




My take on the online gambling issue :

I knew the whole online gambling law was a dud like alot of useless laws that trys to control people and our money, what I didn't quite understand was how so many good people could let something like this affect their lives the way they did (im not just speaking of LP members, Im also speaking of many lotto websites I've visted during the conroversy). It's nice to see the law was passed, that the controversy is over with and that people will continue to play happily online. Let go, Let god as my mom would say.

so if you read this far, cool, if not...thats cool to lol...either way, I do indeed wish you all in the best of luck in YOUR future endeavors.

Seacrest OUT


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September 20, 2006, 9:33 pmIt just feels damn good...

Yesterday, I took my written test (its a temporary instructors permit), and I passed with flying colors...seriously, I saw colors, and yes they were flying along my side. Don't know if I was on Ecstatcy or not can't remember but It' was a wonderful feeling. That kind of feeling Emily G always talks about!

So anywho, I have to wait exactly 30 days to apply for my real, all privelege license. Don't worry, I am a great driver, mother taught me well. 30 days is nothing and inbetween the time, I will have enough money - from my lotto winnings of course -  to have my own apartment and vehicle with souped up sounds, nice rims, great navigational/rear view mirror screen in the front on the dash...ooooo yea as macho man would say, I can just see it now...

In other news, I had one of the best interviews I've had in my LIFE. I kept saying to myself  "this interview is going to go great, I already got the job I just know it with out a doubt" the whole way there..."I also added that I was a chick magnet who was very confident around girls but uh *ahem* thats a different story, lets just say that that to was also a success. I luv self-affirmations because they just work.

I was very different obviously from his facial expressions and energy he gave off to me. I mean, we were practically talking getting me the 3rd interview (with the GM of the company) as soon as possible. He asked me how soon I can start and it felt like I was already being hired in, I'm betting as soon as tommorrow or the next 3 days.

 The catch to all this ladies and gent's is that I have to take a drug test and pass to work there. Oh man, I still might have traces of X in my system, better go bullemic and take a couple of naps before that dreadful testing day...naw, I'm sure it was just the high of being in absolute joy

Sun Smiley

Entry #15
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September 17, 2006, 12:15 amRound 2

Round 2 on the job interview. This time, It's going to be at Best Buy. This wednesday at 3:00 pm, it's a pretty big store so I should have no real competition getting it. I was wowed when I found out, why is it that it is always when Im asleep or half-sleep that job interviewers call me lol. It really is like a dream happening outside of the constent dreaming I have.

Anyways, I am very happy, I'm nailing this one in the bag. I want to stick to stocking this time for the time being. Cashiering gets me in trouble. Plus, you gotta sell credit, I don't think I fell like doing all that right now...maybe if they pay good (thinking...)

Entry #14
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September 14, 2006, 9:36 pm18 years

I turn 18 in 2 and a half hours! I'm signing up for betslips just one minute after 12:00 so I can play and win some real money...double the payout?! my god who can possibly beat that!?

I'm going to take the written test for my drivers license and past it the first time.

I am going to finish filling out apps and going to different places that I couldn't go before to get a quick job, maybe a temp or something like that to get started on the money roll.

I would like to test drive my 'stang but I believe I have to have a license to do that.

It's gonna be busy, busy, busy for me in the coming few days, but for good reason...I will celebrate my birthday some time next week with my family, and celebrate even more in a couple weeks when my income starts rising out of control lol. I will be celebrating all the way to the banks! Right now, I wanna take care of alot of unfinished business.

It's a very Happy Birthday to me Indeed, time to start living the life I want to live and start doing the things I REALLY want to do for the fun and the hell of it...and thats win alot of mostly tax free CASH. I'm talkin thousands and thousands of dollars at a time.

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September 12, 2006, 8:42 pmNews Flash!

So my most recent numbers didn't come out, or so it seemed, turns out they did yesterday evening...my dad told me that usually when you dream van, you should play truck, truck did come out. So he was right lol, I wish he would have told me after eve draw yesterday. I wouldn't have played and I would have warned everyone else not to but ah well, all money lost will be made up x10. Lesson learned for me, older folks usually do know best lol, he's been doing this longer then me. So it's a done deal!

Even better news, Got a letter in the mail today from Michigan State...I got a full ride scholarship to my college of choice, how f**king sweet is THAT! positive energy attracts positive energy, out of no where I got over 2 grand, which covers my tuition...now all i have to think about is the books! More money for me to save towards my new '06 Mustang and other needs, things, and wants.

 I did dream of girls (earlier today just takin a nap), but usually if I know 100% sure its coming out, I'll dream the same dream or something very similar to girls tonight. I won't post those numbers until I'm absolutely positively sure they will come out!

Later Later

Entry #12
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September 12, 2006, 11:42 amStill pondering my current numbers

ahhh, looking back at Aug 23,I dreamnt magazine , numbers were 752 - 342...Came out Aug 24 as 2576 MI midday

Another good Ex. Dreamnt I was in store on Sept 6, numbers were 356 - 465...Came out next day as 3566 in MI midday

Considering last 7 numbers came out the way I wanted them to, this is the same exact scenerio. Don't mind me ppl, just keeping note of all of this. Based on history, one of those #'s will show in day...slight chance it will come in eve if not day.

Im exactly 20 minutes before all bets are closed...gotta make a decision. Looks like im on the right track based on MI predictions...I know one of my current numbers are going to come out in midday, I feel like im on the right track. If not mid, then eve, if not eve...then well, Thats just one dud out of the last 7 picks

Entry #11
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