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I keep telling my self man, Im living the GoodLife


Everything is working out the way according to my original plan.

I said I was to have a job by October - check ,

to do well in college - check,

to make many new friends in college- check,

to control my nerves around people - done deal,

to have my license by October - in exactly 2 weeks :),

 and last but not least...to make my income on the p4 and p3 OH & MI games - just looking forward to that first pay stub! but it will be done.

I've gotten done so much of what I wanted to accomplish in such a short amount of time im flabergasted, now I got sit back and think of new goals...like buying my first vehicle (I have no credit so I won't be able to get that new stang' I wanted, but I will get the next best thing), and getting a really sweet girlfriend to hang with in what little spare time I happen to have!!!

I' am so focused on starting out on a bang again, after a long 2 months on hiatis, to get back on my winning streak and hit my numbers...I could never forget the first time i hit, it's a euphoria on it's own, but only this time I want that and pure profit...It would help me (and many others) x10 and then some.

Money is not of concern to me anymore, and my oh my how thankful I am for this incredible gift God has bestowed upon me to just go to sleep and come up with numbers becuz Lord knows I blow at math, so logistics and statistics are out of the question for me LOL, I am still shocked everytime my #'s come, even when I don't hit with real money it feel's very surreal. Kinda like a dream...




My take on the online gambling issue :

I knew the whole online gambling law was a dud like alot of useless laws that trys to control people and our money, what I didn't quite understand was how so many good people could let something like this affect their lives the way they did (im not just speaking of LP members, Im also speaking of many lotto websites I've visted during the conroversy). It's nice to see the law was passed, that the controversy is over with and that people will continue to play happily online. Let go, Let god as my mom would say.

so if you read this far, cool, if not...thats cool to lol...either way, I do indeed wish you all in the best of luck in YOUR future endeavors.

Seacrest OUT


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