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Today's...The Day...


Last Edited: October 29, 2006, 8:30 am

It's been awhile ladies & Gent's, I've had numerous dreams before this but today is where I can finally say to you as I've said in my blogs..."I will start winning money again before the end of October". It's near the end now, but it's not to late!

This is what I really work for, to play this game and make MORE money with this gift, nobody outside of my family and you guys knows about this and when I tell them they don't believe me and I don't expect them to, not until It really shows atleast LOL... Not that working's bad becuz I actually kind of enjoy it. Primarily becuz I'm working with people MY AGE for a change which makes this experience that much more enjoyable lol. So I won't just cut & run because I'm on a roll, I will simply just tell them after about another month or 2 that it is my time to leave...that I no longer really need to work.

That is my goal by the end of December!

Financial freedom from the world of excessive taxes and governement ponzi schemes is the way to go for me. (my last check was taxed 54$!, thats a whole days of work for Uncle Sam!)sure the check was a nice sum, after it, but I know I can make more on my own terms without the taxes. I intend to take it all back from the state governments.

I've been tooting my horn about getting my license in one day, on one try on my previous post about a few weeks ago...It's been done, after days of convincing myself that it was possible (last Wednesday) and boy was it tough. ...that dream and a few others have come to fruitation in this month alone as I expected that as I type this out it brings a tear to my eye...It's been a long, adventurous journey...I am proud of myself, but I still have so much more left to accomplish.


So much more

By the way, check out my recent posted numbers if your in the mood for winning today, it's totally a choice, not a chance!


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