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Not so F**king mad lol


Last Edited: November 11, 2006, 9:50 pm

Thx again everyone for replying to my previous post on that issue with me and online lottery sites. I was determined to find a solution and lo and behold someone I trust very much and luv came to my aid at just the right moment, just the right time.

My own sister, is allowing me 2 use her click2pay and betslips account! Screw , Todd was right, they are on something over there...they wanted me to western union 100$ minimum to some guy so that guy can send it to them. I said "BULLSH**T"!!

I cannot express in words I excited I feel to have this opportunity to finally, after almost 2 months of headaches to be able to double my lottery winnings. Obviously, I am very passionate about playing online and it is a huge deal for me becuz that means I don't have to win twice as many numbers in state as opposed to online.I see the money in this and I know so many others who play online see this as well.

I dreamnt of dancing, man it was an awesome dream, and it came out this eve in MI as 649, straight as I see it in my dream book...I didn't have time to post it becuz I was busy getting my self straight to play online. Now, there is no excuse for me not to win, becuz I sure as hell didn't set myself up for failure. Do you have any idea how much this money will help me with college fees (THERE WILL BE NONE!!!). And man, are they well in the hundred range...all taken care of within the next 10 days.

I know I don't have to sweat it...I'm good to go from this day forward. This is the day I have been dreaming of for some time and I feel it is actually happening. Just in time for the holidays. It is now my turn to give generously to the family.

...I realized I don't have to worry about being in that college debt so many students are trapped in. Forget credit cards becuz I won't need them. rent money? no problem. That mustang I'm still fantasizing about? all paid for...Gas money for my mom? till infinity, traveling expenses? no such thing, Investments into real estate?peace of cake now that I will be having stronger capital...this is a dream I intend to make reality. Honestly, it's coming alot faster then I planned.

P.S. Holy s**t, I just glanced at a previous post and I stated my financial independence before the end of December...this is to cool how all this is happening seaminglesly (but not with out a few struggles). Looks like I'm making yet another early goal I set for myself.


My financial independence is


Hurray! I give myself a round of applause Hurray!
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